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5 Quick And Easy Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

The traditional school of thought on losing weight was to spend hours and hours running at a steady pace on a treadmill or doing length after length in the swimming pool in order to burn the calories to remove unwanted fat.

However new research has shown that in fact, shorter and higher intensity work out sessions are more effective than a long and low intensity exercise sessions.  This is due to a hormone which the body produces called cortisol, which is produced in higher volumes after more than 30 – 45 minutes of exercise, and helps the body retain excess fat.

The Body’s Ideal Fat Levels

While we all want to achieve washboard stomachs, or a perfect curvy figure, the body has a different goal, and works towards maintaining a level of excess fat.  This is part of our evolutionary design, as the body wishes to store this excess fat in case of future famine, and when you push the body to do extreme levels of exercise, then it reacts by ensuring it stores as much fat as possible to ensure it is able to contend with such levels of activity in the future, much like how it reacts to starvation.

5 Short and Intense Exercises

So here are 5 short exercises that you can do in under 30 minutes to burn calories without putting your body under lengthy strain.  They are designed to burn calories and similarly exercise the core area of the body, where most people are most concerned about excess fat.


Skipping can be a great full body workout as the movement involves both the legs and arms.  Skip at high speed and feel the burn in your arms.  Buy a rope which counts the rotations and aim to do around a thousand within half an hour and you can expect to burn at least 300 calories.  To keep the routine fresh, work muscles differently and rest others, try alternating the direction of the rope by skipping backwards (though this might require some practice) as well as double skips (two rotations of the rope for one jump) and crossovers (crossing your arms for a rotation).

Mountain Climbers

Fortunately this exercise doesn’t involve climbing a mountain, but sometimes it feels just as tough.  Start from a classic press up position.  Bring one knee towards your elbow leaving the other leg straight.  Begin mountain climbers by alternating, one leg comes forward, the other goes back.  Do this for around 30 seconds if you are a beginner, and up the amount of time as you improve.  This is a fantastic exercise for your core, and simultaneously burning calories.


This is a great exercise to do in conjunction with Mountain climbers. The plank involves no movement and will therefore will burn little calories on its own.  It is a hold which will help strengthen your core muscles while you let your heart rate reduce a little from a higher intensity exercise.  Basically all it involves is taking up the start position for press ups, and holding it for 30 seconds or more.

Bicycle Ab Exercise

This is another great exercise which combines calorie burn and ab toning.  Lie on you back with one knee in the air.  Bring your opposite elbow to this knee, then bring both back to the ground while bringing your other elbow and other knee to meet each other.  This will look like riding a bike in the air, and will work your abs.  Do this for 30 seconds, increasing the time as you improve.


Start again in the press up position.  This time bring both knees towards your elbows, then immediately put your feet back to return to the starting position.  Then jump as high as you can in the air from this position before returning to the starting position and repeating the exercise again.  Try and do this 20 times, and increase the amount for one set as you improve.

If you make sure to do frequent exercise sessions of up to 30 minutes involving these exercise, you will be sure to see results, as long as your diet remains consistent.

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