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5 Reasons to “Go Green” When Cleaning Your Home


Cancer has become so commonplace in our society, it is hard to find anyone untouched by this disease. Chances are you have already lost a loved one to this deadly illness and you may be wondering how to avoid it. While many cancers can be genetic, many others are based on environmental factors.


While it is easy to stop smoking or avoid too much sun-exposure, you may still be exposing yourself to dangerous cancer-causing chemicals within your own home. One of the biggest culprits for toxic chemicals lies within the very products you use to clean your home. Included here are a few reasons you should consider “going green” in the cleansing of your home.


Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Of course, the main reason to avoid commercial cleaning products is the amount of chemicals present. Dangerous chemicals are in everything from the Pine Sol to the nonstick cookie sheets you use. Chemicals like phthalates and surfactants can be dangerous for your children, pets and the environment.


Hire a Professional

The need for environmental awareness and green cleaning methods has begun to permeate the commercial cleaning industry. Many professionals now offer fully green options for cleaning the home, helping you save time and the health of your family. Hire a professional that stands behind their products, or makes their own, to be guaranteed a healthier home environment.


Make Your Own Cleaners

While products from Seventh Generation and others have begun to make strides into the market, the most affordable means for green cleaning can likely be found in your own kitchen. Producing your own cleaning products can be as simple as combining baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils to scrub out your sinks. A simple, multipurpose cleaning spray can be made from vinegar, liquid soap, hot water and lemon essential oil.


Save Money

Green cleaning can save you money in many ways. For one, you are likely able to procure ingredients for your cleansers for far less money than you would spend on commercial cleaners. Secondly, you will be able to avoid health hazards and potentially ER visits when a child or dog gets into the cleaning cabinet. Most homemade cleansers utilize safe kitchen ingredients like baking soda and vinegar, which are not nearly as harmful as a mouthful of Pine Sol.


Children Can Help

One of the best things about cleaning your home with green products is that your kids can get in on the action. Your kids can get on their hands and knees to help scrub the kitchen floor and play in the bubbles, or they can do their own window cleaning. Young children love to help, and having products that are safe for their skin, or accidental ingestion, can ease the worry of many mothers!

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