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6 Step Healing After a Workout

Working out isn’t always easy on our bodies, sometimes we overdo it or make a mistake and it causes our bodies pain. If you ever find yourself hurt after a workout and it doesn’t need professional medical attention, try this 6 step healing process:

Drink water

First things first, hydrate immediately. Your body tends is more acceptable to pain when it’s dehydrated. So drink lots of water before and after your workout. Keep hydrated to prevent further pain and accidents.

Anti-flammatory: Take an anti-flammatory post work out; follow the directions on the bottle. Before taking any medicine always makes sure it is approved by your doctor.

Stretch: Slowly and gently stretching the problem area will help relax the pain. Take deep breaths as you stretch and make sure that you stretch for at least 30 minutes post workout. Do not over stretch.

Ice/heat: Depending on the injury you may want to take time to ice and then heat your injury. Make a cold pack and ice for 25 minutes and then switch, to a warm towel or heating pad for the same amount of time. Repeat.

Epsom salt bath: Taking a warm bath with Epsom salt is a great way to relax your tired muscles and relive the pain. Many different athletes do this post games and practices to heal. You can find Epsom salt for bathing at your local grocery store.

Take a break: Most importantly, if you have injured yourself, take a break. Give your body enough time to heal from the pain before jumping back into it. Depending on the pain, you may want to take anywhere from one day to a week off from exercise. You don’t want to irritate the problem areas more than needed, causing a longer healing time.

You can prevent your injury getting worse by following these steps. If the pain lasts longer than normal or if the pain is overbearing seek medical help immediately. Remember to keep hydrated, stretch and don’t over work your body during work outs. Happy working out!

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