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The lure of pipe tobacco

Pipe tobacco has a very long history with many times going in and out of style. Many individuals are still fans of pipe tobacco and enjoy the flavor as well as the aroma that pipe smoking offers. The main thing that lures smokers to pipe tobacco is the aroma and then the taste. In the […]

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E-Liquid vs. Cigarettes: Key Benefits Any Smoker Should Know About

E-cigarettes have been taking the world by storm since their inception, and the trend is not without sound reason. These portable, battery-powered devices effectively simulate smoking by vaporizing a pleasantly flavoured “e-liquid” which the user inhales, thereby attaining the same tactile, hand-to-mouth, deep-breathing experience as is felt during traditional smoking. What are the benefits of […]

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Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

People in certain other parts of the world have expressed the opinion that when it comes to healthcare, we in the United Kingdom have it made, and are living in a paradise of free, top-quality care for all. Most notably, many in the US who are fretting over the problems with the nascent Affordable Care […]

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How to Quit Smoking Today

Eliminating an addiction can be challenging to overcome if the person who has formed the habit doesn’t want to change their lifestyle. Turning to cigarettes or alcohol is a common way to deal with life stressors and these types of habits can formed at a young age, functioning as reliance for those who have a […]

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Miracle Drug: Cannabis

Could there be actual health benefits to the illegal drug Cannabis, otherwise known as Marijuana? The short answer is, yes. Let’s take a moment to learn more about this illegal miracle drug. What is Cannabis (Marijuana)? First, let’s find out what Cannabis is. According to Wikipedia, Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that includes […]

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Booze and Cigarettes: The Connection

For many people, smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol helps them to unwind and enjoy themselves. While it’s a known fact that smoking and drinking are unhealthy, what may not be known is that smoking can lead to alcoholism. Scientific studies have confirmed the negative connection between the two bad habits. Neuron, a neuroscience journal, published […]

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