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Vaping 101: A Simple Guide

Welcome to our simple guide to help you make the switch to vaping! Vaping devices can seem intimidating at first but are quite simple once you understand a few fundamentals. Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and vaping devices are primarily the same thing and can be broken down into two components; The power unit holding the battery […]

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Drug can be termed as any substance that, when injected, consumed, inhaled, smoked, absorbed through the human skin or can be dissolved by keeping it under the tongue other than food that gives nutritional support to the body causes a great physiological change in the human body. Earlier the drugs were obtained from extracting the […]

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Chlamydia Symptoms and Treatment

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that may or may not have any symptoms. It is easily treated, and we are going to show you what to watch out for and what you can do about it. Symptoms Chlamydia is only spread through sexual fluids, so you won’t be able to get it by touching […]

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New Study Highlights the Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad for you.  We all know that by now.  Vaping tobacco products are bad for you too.  It’s just less bad than smoking.  In fact, it’s a lot less bad than smoking.  That’s the result of a study funded by Cancer Research UK, which aimed to separate fact from fiction on the question […]

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The Real Dangers of Opiate Abuse

Opiate abuse is a very serious topic of discussion these days and it has some very serious consequences. In fact, it seems like one can’t go to the news without reading about at least one parent who overdosed on opioids in front of their own children.   So what is opiate abuse and why is […]

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4 Ways To Overcome Food Addiction and Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

“Fight the cravings,” says your brain. “That looks delicious…” screams your tummy. Food addiction is real and it’s one of the most debilitating illnesses affecting our modern society. You might think that there’s no way someone can get addicted to food but study after study reveals that it’s possible. There are people who are addicted […]

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Does Vaping Affect your Health Insurance Premiums?

Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) instead of smoking the conventional cigarette. Introduced in the early noughties their popularity boomed in 2012 and although the bubble appears to have burst following 2015, vaping has entered the mainstream consciousness. Marketers’ growth estimates – although relatively buoyant  – have been revised down for 2017.   […]

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Kick The Butt With E-Cigs

The effort to quit smoking has been since the invention of cigarettes and similar other products on the market but very few people have been able to successfully quit this ill habit. But with the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market it has become quite easier for people to get rid of the ill effects […]

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Coming to Terms about Your Alcohol Problem

Alcohol is a very real problem in America, affecting nearly 14 million adults (and to further that point, more than 92% have claimed to binge drink within the past 30 days), according to reports published on [1]. Men make up most of those that partake in alcohol abuse but women are the ones more […]

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Are E-Cigarettes a Viable Alternative to Smoking?

We all know the devastating effects smoking cigarettes has on our health. Stained fingers and teeth and dry skin are just the outward effects of smoking, but what it does to the inside of your body is more malicious; even deadly. But could e-cigarettes be a viable alternative? What Does Smoking Do to the Body? […]

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