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Coming to Terms about Your Alcohol Problem

Alcohol is a very real problem in America, affecting nearly 14 million adults (and to further that point, more than 92% have claimed to binge drink within the past 30 days), according to reports published on [1]. Men make up most of those that partake in alcohol abuse but women are the ones more […]

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Are E-Cigarettes a Viable Alternative to Smoking?

We all know the devastating effects smoking cigarettes has on our health. Stained fingers and teeth and dry skin are just the outward effects of smoking, but what it does to the inside of your body is more malicious; even deadly. But could e-cigarettes be a viable alternative? What Does Smoking Do to the Body? […]

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Living A Healthier Life After Addiction

Addiction takes a toll on a person, and even if you aren’t the one with the problem, a family member’s addiction can affect you too. Living with an addict isn’t always easy, and you may find that once they’ve gone through recovery you need to make changes too, to help them stay on the right […]

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Accidents, Injuries, And Other Health Woes Fuel Drug Epidemic

  When you get sick or injured, you generally have a lot of other things on your mind besides what to do if your doctor provides you with more medication than you need – in fact, you’re likely more focused on getting that medication in the first place than what will happen down the road. […]

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New research suggests the rise in electronic cigarettes use coincides with the decline of smokers.

Toward the end of last year, The Economic Voice published an article that suggested 2016 could be the year high street vape shops “run out of puff”. Much of this is due to increased pressure from regulatory bodies, who have continually called for stricter laws restricting the sale of e-cigarette products. The debate continues about […]

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How Does Cenegenics ® HGH injections Compare With HealthGAINS?

Human Growth Hormone Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is an important hormone made by your pituitary gland. Growth hormone is what allows us to grow from childhood into adults. As you might imagine, HGH levels are much higher when you are a child, and they get lower the older you get. Once you are “fully […]

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Debunking The Vaping Myth: Does Vaping Really Help?

The myth of effectiveness that surrounds vapor in relation to quitting cigarettes is a debatable concern. We have come across various studies which give evidence that vaping helps to quit smoking, in some way or the other. And in the midst of this ever concerning new world debate there comes the confusion about the difference […]

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5 Tips for Helping Your Body Recover From Alcoholism

  Addiction is a rampant problem in the U.S. and is doing significant damage to the nation’s health. While going through a rehab program to wean yourself off of alcohol is the first step, it takes much longer to heal the damage done to your body. Some damage done by alcohol, like cirrhosis of the […]

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An Epiphany While Watching TV

  When we were kids, my brother was what our parents and grandparents called “a boy.” Popular with kids at school, he had too much energy, and too little fear of pain or judgment from his peers. He was always the first kid to suggest a bad idea, the first to throw his English book out the […]

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Alcohol Is A Much Bigger Problem Than Most People Know About

 Living in today’s modern society where drinking alcohol is relatively normal, people tend to forget about the hidden dangers posed by it. Most people know the basics as far as drinking and driving or just getting drunk, but many drink on a daily basis thinking it’s normal. A few drinks throughout the week is understandable, but […]

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