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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Rehab Early

Rehab facilities are not the kind of place that you would want to live in for the rest of your life, maybe apart from when you work there or when it is on an island. However many people want to snap out of addiction but they want it done in two-three days which does actually […]

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Economic impact of vaping

How is Eliquid Made? What Goes in it? Is it Safe?

As more and more people in the UK and all over the world switch from tobacco to vaping, scare stories about just what goes into an eliquid are on the rise. Some people claim it’s full of poison that’ll rot your lungs, other claim it’s industrial byproducts with some strawberry flavourings. The reality isn’t as […]

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Is Marijuana a Viable Anxiety Medication?

Over the past decade or so, many states have legalized some form of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The evidence about the beneficial effects of the plant or the substances contained in it used to be very rare, thanks to the ban by the CDC, but more and more research is being done and we are […]

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5 Positive Addiction Recovery Goals

If you are recovering from addiction, you are going through some positive changes to make your life better. Just remember the Zen proverb “If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” Your life isn’t just about becoming sober and healthy though, it is about moving forward and […]

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What Are Some Effective Approaches to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult but if you can find some effective approaches, it makes it that much easier.  You will be aware of all the health risks that come from smoking so we aren’t going to go into any of that. If you are going to take the step and turn your life around, here […]

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How Tobacco Companies are Adapting to Our Smoking Habits and Making Smoking Healthier

We are a lot savvier about the impact of smoking on our health than we were before. The stats speak for themselves. Just one cigarette a day can increase the risk of heart disease by 50%, according to the BMJ, so even concepts like ‘social smoking’ are becoming less popular among the health-conscious.   Plus, […]

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man vaping

Is The Nicotine In ECigs Dangerous For Me?

Nicotine in electronic cigarettes has been blamed for keeping smokers hooked and harming them inside. This isn’t the case because it isn’t the nicotine causing the problems in smokers. Getting a hit of nicotine every day is no more dangerous than caffeine, and caffeine is actually more harmful because it messes around with your sleep […]

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Foods You Can Prepare with CBD in Your Kitchen

The legalization of cannabis by many states has now made edibles a favorite snack of many. ‘Edibles’ is a term that refers to foods that are infused with marijuana during preparation. They are generally used to help people get high discretely. They vary from cookies to sweets and a lot of other foods. Another group […]

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CBD Oil for Anxiety Pain: The Pros and Cons

Human beings have different emotions. You can feel different emotions when you’re placed in different situations. For example, it’s normal to be anxious when you’re waiting for exam results or for your turn during a job interview. You probably don’t know what to expect during these situations which is why you’re anxious. However, when anxiety […]

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Everything You Need to Know to Pass a Drug Test

Right, first things first – drugs are stupid. This is our disclaimer. We are not supporting the use of any drugs. That being said, sometimes you dabble and need to pass a drug test. It’s one of those things you just have to deal with. Be it for a job interview or for a sports […]

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