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Sexual, alcohol, drug and more addictions. This category is for articles that are about health and substance abuse.

The lure of pipe tobacco

Pipe tobacco has a very long history with many times going in and out of style. Many individuals are still fans of pipe tobacco and enjoy the flavor as well as the aroma that pipe smoking offers. The main thing that lures smokers to pipe tobacco is the aroma and then the taste. In the […]

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E-Liquid vs. Cigarettes: Key Benefits Any Smoker Should Know About

E-cigarettes have been taking the world by storm since their inception, and the trend is not without sound reason. These portable, battery-powered devices effectively simulate smoking by vaporizing a pleasantly flavoured “e-liquid” which the user inhales, thereby attaining the same tactile, hand-to-mouth, deep-breathing experience as is felt during traditional smoking. What are the benefits of […]

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