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From Smoking To Vaping

Making the switch from smoking to vaping can be a big move for many people, particularly if they’ve smoked cigarettes for a number of years. It’s a wise decision to make, and offers a range of benefits, including proving better for your health, while helping reduce daily expenditure, and what’s more it is actually a […]

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Key Ways To Help Reduce Your Electronic Cigarette Smoking Habit Slowly

  If you’re an electronic cigarette smoker, you may understand that you should probably slow down on the e-cig habit. However, we do understand that sometimes while the thought of quitting is there, actual quitting is hard. This is especially if you’ve come from hard smoking, and now you’re looking at vaping as a substitute. […]

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The Tobacco Products Directive – What Has Changed?

As a vaper, I have become accustomed to changes. Most of us just sit back and enjoy our juices and our cloud, and we look forward to the latest tanks and flavours. Some of us, however, look at the future more intensely and, sometimes, the future has looming problems. The European Union drafted a piece […]

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Vaping 101: A Simple Guide

Welcome to our simple guide to help you make the switch to vaping! Vaping devices can seem intimidating at first but are quite simple once you understand a few fundamentals. Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) and vaping devices are primarily the same thing and can be broken down into two components; The power unit holding the battery […]

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