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Birth Control – If It Causes Negative Effects, A Lawyer Can Help

Birth control methods are prevalent worldwide. The purpose is to prevent conception, which is why birth control is often referred to as contraception. ‘Contra’ means ‘against’, so ‘contraception’ means ‘against conception.

Methods of birth control vary. The most popular are simple barrier methods such as condoms or diaphragms. Many couples employ these methods, though there can be issues with allergic reactions to latex, since that is a typical material used.

Chemical birth control is also common, and comes in a variety of forms. An early version still in widespread use is formally named the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, or COCP. Millions of people simply refer to it as “The Pill”.

Birth control pill

Birth control pill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pill is taken orally, and combines estrogen with progestogen. Both are hormones involved in pregnancy. Women who take The Pill regularly do so to inhibit their fertility and thus prevent pregnancy. It is used by an estimated 100 million women worldwide, making its production a billion-dollar industry. There is also something called the MiniPill, which has progestogen only with no estrogen.

Contraception that includes estrogen can have notable side effects. One is the onset of blood clots, which can lead to serious conditions like deep vein thrombosis. This condition is disfiguring and debilitating. It often requires treatment with anticoagulants. If not treated, the condition can be fatal.

Progestogen-containing contraception has been linked to breakthrough bleeding, which can be uncomfortable and disconcerting to many users.

Chemical birth control is produced by many different companies, and there have been complaints about it from consumers. When those complaints occur, legal action is often taken. After all, birth control is like any other product: if it fails to work properly, or if a consumer is harmed by it, there is a right to pursue damages from the producer.

Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing

Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A high-profile example of this was the NuvaRing lawsuit. Many women reported adverse effects from using the product. Due to the sheer volume of the complaints, many attorneys became well-versed in the particulars of the case. Correspondingly, a woman having problems with it would go out and find a NuvaRing lawyer – one that knew all about the case and could help her to proceed with a claim.

Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing

Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you find yourself experiencing ill effects from any kind of chemical birth control, you might want to explore your legal options. A good start involves finding a local lawyer specializing in comparable cases.

You will also want to detail all the facts of your experience, including how long you have been taking the brand of birth control in question. It will be important to write down all the negative effects that you experienced, including their severity and duration. You can also record any treatment that you got for the ill effects. Once you have all that info on paper, you can take it to your attorney and have an in-depth conversation. Together, you can explore your options for making a personal injury claim and seeking financial damages.

Dan McCarthy is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger. He loves to play tennis and travel in his spare time.

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Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing

Image of vaginal birth control device NuvaRing

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