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Prostate Cancer: The Most Important Five Things You Must Know

The number of prostate cancer cases have increased lately. The American Cancer Society has reported that in 2017 more than 161,000 new cases have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, while other 26,700 patients have died. Their approximations point to a 14% of men that can develop prostate cancer. Who can get prostate cancer? Is your […]

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Prostate cancer

Diet Adjustments Reduce the Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer by 60%

Prostate cancer is not a trifle, but that does not mean that it always leads to the patient’s death – far from it. Αs we speak, almost 3 million men in U. S. A. are managing to treat and recover from their prostate cancer. If you are a prostate cancer patient yourself, or have a […]

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The Prostate Cancer Story and Treatment

Aside from being the most common diagnosed cancer among the United Kingdom men, this aggressive, symptomless and creeping disease is a worldwide menace. Nevertheless, patients who have been diagnosed with this creepy disease remain optimistic, but why? Today, the world has seen the rise of many different awareness groups, particularly to fight prostate cancer and […]

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5 Things Men Need To Know About PSA Tests

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is designed to measure how much prostate-specific antigen is a person’s blood system. The PSA releases itself into the blood through the prostate gland. When a man is healthy, he should have low amounts of PSA in his blood. As a man ages and the prostate enlarges, the amount of […]

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How does Prostate cancer occur?

Cancer of the prostate is the most common cancer among men after skin cancer. It is basically a tumor that builds in the tissues of the prostate and usually occurs in older men. This kind of cancer grows slowly and hence the chances of getting cured successfully are increased as there is time enough for […]

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