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Creating The Best Weight Loss Grocery Food List

Most people find it very tricky when it comes to healthy dieting; this is not only because certain foods which are not healthy are most appealing to the eye but because food manufacturing companies and the media portray them as being healthy. It is therefore good to be cautious when shopping for any kind of foods from the groceries.

Currently a popular weight loss treatment is Xenical which is a fat blocker that acts to stop fat from your daily calorie intake from being absorbed into the body. This fat is instead passed directly through the body by your normal bowel movements. By eradicating this fat from the body, Xenical aids weight loss and is clinically proven to double your chances of losing up to 10% of your body fat when you make positive lifestyle changes and you eat the right foods. The list below provides you with the best foods for weight loss:

Olive oil

Olive oil has numerous healthy benefits to the body. This is attributed to the high content of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) know to enhance heart health by getting rid of the bad LDL cholesterol while maintaining the good HDL cholesterol. Besides, the invisible healing components found in olive oil helps to protect one from developing cancer, inflammation and play a vital role in weight loss and diabetes as well.


VegetablesVegetables help in weight loss simply because they contain high levels of important nutrients and are low in calories. They keep you full without necessarily making you heavy with calories and fat. As such, when the stomach is stuffed with high volume, low calorie-containing food, it is likely that there will be no space for other unhealthy stuff.  Studies show that eating plat-based foods helps to control appetite and overeating and thereby enhancing weight loss.


It is typical for people who are working hard to lose weight to avoid fatty foods; however, fat is good provided it is the right one. Avocado contains oleic acid, which is a healthy monounsaturated fat compound (MUFAs). This compound is known control your appetite. Eating a quarter or half piece of avocado can greatly help you shed off belly fat. Also contained in avocado are proteins and fiber which are essential elements for weight loss.


The fact that eggs are rich in protein that contains all the essential amino acids, they are therefore considered as a healthy diet for weight loss. Proteins helps to keep the body full thereby preventing it from craving for the rather unhealthy foods. Ensure to include eggs in your breakfast to cut down on the amount of calories you ingest throughout the day. It is believed that 1 boiled egg contains approximately 6g protein.


Not all fruits are good for weight loss. Fruits such as strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries are commonly referred to as antioxidants superfoods for weight loss. These are very effective when it comes to speeding up weight loss. One cup of strawberries contains 74 calories and these are very important to the body as they make you feel good and also hasten the fat burning process.

Wholegrain rice

Rice is considered as an important component of any given healthy diet. It is a source of complex carbs and can be used along with fatty meats without causing any healthy problems. Quite a good percentage of the world’s population consumes rice. Whole grain is a good source of fiber and these may vary from one type of rice to the other. For instance, brown rice contains 3 times of fiber as compared to white rice. It is also a good source of selenium, manganese, magnesium and vitamin B. selenium and fiber can help to avert cancer of the colon


Although in appearance fish may seem lean, it is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids (healthy oil). These types of fish oil are vital in the sense that they help protect the body against cancer and heart disease. In addition, they are used to treat arthritis, migraine headaches, psoriasis as well as weight management.

Low-Fat Dairy

Studies show that consumption of low-fat dairy enhances fat loss while at the same time retaining the body’s lean muscle mass.


Meat provides the body with protein which is a very important mineral. As such, more energy is required to digest protein than what is needed for carbohydrates or fat and in the process hastening weight loss. However, it is important to choose lean meat like chicken among others.


To create a good weight loss grocery list consider foods labeled “organic”, “low fat” etc. This will ensure that what you stock provides you with the right nutrients for a healthy body. By so doing  you will not only be doing any favor to your diet but keeping a way from unhealthy foods as well.

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