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5 Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy on a Vegan Diet

In many ways, a vegan diet is a great choice for the health of your body and the planet. It can lower your risk of oral cancer, and a plant-based diet is has a pH balance that is better for teeth. But there are several risks to your oral health, too. A vegan diet can […]

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Expert Recommendations For Keeping Your Teeth In Great Shape

As you should already realize, your teeth are not going to last forever. At some point or another, your teeth are going to develop cavities, become brittle and possibly even fall out. If you fail to take steps to protect your teeth, these problems are going to experienced very early on. This is why it […]

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Braving the dentist

How To Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

Your teeth are the only ones you have so you need to do everything you can to take care of your teeth. As an adult, once you lose a tooth it’s gone forever unless you get it replaces with some fake ones. The thing is, there isn’t that much you need to do in order […]

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Orthodontic Treatment while Pregnant

Definition of orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment is defined as a way of moving teeth in order to boost the appearance and working of your teeth. This treatment will assist you monitor the health of your teeth, jaws and gums over a long period of time. It works by distributing the biting pressure throughout your teeth. […]

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How to Find a Good Dental Centre Abroad?

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, or simply dream about having a healthy and beautiful smile dental implants might be the perfect solution. But the high average price, long waiting time and the desire of having the Hollywood smile at affordable costs have inspired many people to travel to overseas dental implant clinics. […]

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Best Celebrity Smile Makeovers

A smile is something that impacts greatly upon a first impression. It is even more noticeable as you start to talk to someone and get to know them. We all have our imperfections and worries about our appearance. The most common things that people worry about is their hair, skin and teeth. However, these days […]

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5 Essentials for Healthy Gums

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, so why are we not all following the essentials for healthy teeth and gums? If you have healthy gums, you’ll have healthy teeth, the two go hand in hand so its vitally important that our gums are taken seriously, as gum disease is no good. Read on for our 5 […]

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Facts About Non-Surgical Bite Correction

Venlay restoration is the latest dental technology applied by orthodontists when correcting a deep under bite and overbite. Overbites and under bites are dental problems, arising from the improper structure of the dental formula. They lead to grinding down of teeth, which lead to sensitivity, pain and wearing of artificial teeth. It is therefore vital […]

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4 Good Reasons to Floss Your Teeth Regularly

Do you floss your teeth? We all know we should, but according to statistics only a quarter of all adults in the UK floss regularly, and a third of us have never flossed their teeth at all! If you contrast that with the truly toothache inducing £5.8 billion spent on dental treatments in UK every […]

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Top Tips for Great Oral Health

How important is your oral health to you? We often take for granted how important it is to look after our smile, not only does it make us look more attractive but it is beneficial to our health. Having a healthy set of teeth can make us look and feel much better inside and out. […]

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