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5 Ways You Can Eat Healthily When Dining Out

Let’s be honest now, we all love dining out! The smells, the atmosphere, the company, the food – almost everything about it is just SWELL. But, if you lean towards the healthier side of life then it can become a nightmare; torn between wanting to enjoy your meal and worrying about the implications on the […]

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5 Places To Find Specific Nutritional Plans

There is an average, healthy nutritional framework for the average, healthy person. But, a lot of us aren’t necessarily average or healthy, and a lot of us have conditions that we deal with, or are trying to move toward a certain nutritional goal. So – where do we look for nutritional plans and guidelines outside […]

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Can a Good Gut Give You Great Skin?

The short answer: yes! A healthy digestive system can give you great skin. How? Here’s a non-scientific crash course in what’s called the “gut-skin axis.”   Recall a version of the song kids are taught: “The foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone. The shin bone’s connected […]

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You Won’t Believe These Healthy Brain Foods

Brain health is important. Your brain is what tells your body what to do, by sending around signals to your arms and legs, as well as your organs.There are many illness that can affect your brain health, from Alzheimer’s Disease to tumors on your brain.   There are some wonderful doctors out there doing amazing […]

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10 Secrets to Jump Start Weight Loss Motivation

While many people want to look better, and feel better too, getting there is quite a battle for the majority of us. We don’t just need to increase muscle mass, but we also need to lose weight in the form of fat. Building muscle is a much easier feat for many. It’s losing weight that […]

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Enhance your Immune System with These Four Junk Foods

  People are eager to label foods as either unhealthy or healthy, but the truth of the matter is that even those foods that have been deemed “junk” food have some real health qualities to them. While it might be hard to explain how marshmallows are good for you, other foods such as chocolate, coffee, […]

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Prostate cancer

Diet Adjustments Reduce the Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer by 60%

Prostate cancer is not a trifle, but that does not mean that it always leads to the patient’s death – far from it. Αs we speak, almost 3 million men in U. S. A. are managing to treat and recover from their prostate cancer. If you are a prostate cancer patient yourself, or have a […]

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Get your homemade energy boost at Christmas

Christmas is often a busy time, particularly when you have little ones to entertain. You want to make it as fun and special for them as you possibly can do for them, without running yourself into the ground. You will probably be familiar with the Christmas Eve routine of sneaking around the house after your […]

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3 Great Christmas Cakes Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Friends

With the winter suddenly coming over hard and fast, people will start preparing for the holiday season by getting their trees up, putting up decorations throughout the house and playing Christmas songs all day every day. Everyone gets excited around Christmas time, as people start planning for the big day when everyone receives presents, or […]

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Fad Diets

5 Effective Ways To Stay Fit And Strong During The Holidays

The Holiday season is here and with it comes the season to be happy, thankful, and most of all stuffed! Speaking of stuffed some fitness enthusiasts actually don’t like the season as it often derails them from their current training routine. Depending on where you are, the gyms might be closed due to heavy snowfall, the weather […]

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