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Benefits of Physical Activity for Children with Autism

If a child places on the autism spectrum, it can be difficult to learn to deal with so that the child lives their life to the fullest with an autism diagnosis. Luckily, though, there are certain things you can do and certain steps that you can take to help your child. One such step is […]

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Housing For Adults With Autism Approaching Crisis Level

Autism rates continue to rise in the U.S., leaving health experts at a loss to explain why? While better means of testing for the neural developmental disorder offers some explanation, it fails to adequately cover the dramatic increase in children born with an autism spectrum disorder. Currently, 1 in 50 children are born with autism […]

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An Overview Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The terms “autism” and “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD) are used for a group of developmental disorders that can appear in early childhood, usually between the ages of two and three. The different disorders that that make up ASD range from Asperger Syndrome to Autistic disorder, which is the most severe form of ASD. It is […]

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Trying To Understand Autism Spectrum Disorders

There are many groups and organizations that are trying to understand the complete matter. Autism Society Of America The goal of the autism society of America is to raise awareness regarding autism and to improve the lives of those affected by autism. The latest report according to the society states that 1 in every 150 […]

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