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Does Dry Eye Symptoms Worsen During Pregnancy?

Your pregnancy can be the most amazingly beautiful time in your life. There is so much to look forward to and all you can hope for is for your pregnancy to run smoothly and for you to remain in good health throughout this period. Pregnancy comes with many things you may never have experienced before. Your usually stable hormones can be tumbling and lurching around your body, causing many new types of experiences.

Excessive tearing

Watery eyes can be caused by poor production of tears or excessive evaporation of the tear layer. You may not be producing enough tears to keep the eye moist. Tears lubricate the surface of the eye to prevent dryness. Blinking causes tears to cover the eye surface. If you suffer from dry eyes, you do not have enough tears to keep the eye comfortable.

Burning red eyes

If you suffer from stinging, itchy or red eyes, you are likely to be suffering from dry eye syndrome. You may also feel as if you have debris or foreign matter in the eye. Your eye may feel gritty or feel as if you have sand in your eyes.


If, at your workplace or at home, you are spending long hours in front of a computer or television, you will suffer from eyestrain and eye fatigue. This will lead to dry eye syndrome, as looking at screens for too long will cause you to blink less. Your eyes will suffer the same condition if you are spending too much time looking at small screens such as mobile phones or e-readers.

The environment

Spending time outdoors is great for your health, especially with all the fresh air. However, exposure to dust, pollen or harsh winds can cause havoc to your eyes. After a day in the outdoors, you may find yourself suffering from watery red eyes. These are all symptoms of dry eye.

Controlled temperature

Sleeping with the ceiling fan on or spending long hours in a controlled temperature environment, such as air conditioning or heating, can dry your eyes out. You may experience all the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, such as blurred vision, watery eyes, eye fatigue and mucus around the eyelid.

Dry Eye symptoms are caused by lack of moisture in the eyes. Eyes are kept moist by tears which contain lubricating elements for the eyes. Dry eye occurs when your tears cannot keep your eyes hydrated. This can cause great discomfort, will cause dryness and can hinder your vision. If you have dry eye symptoms, it is important to have a thorough examination by an eye care specialist. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make dry eye symptoms worsen. This is especially the case during the first trimester of pregnancy where immense hormonal changes are taking place. Dry eyes may be constant or may come and go. However, you may also suffer from dry eyes throughout the entire pregnancy and for several months after your baby arrives. If you elect to breastfeed, dry eye symptoms may appear again. Lubricating with preservative free eye drops can ease dry eye discomfort, but seek medical advice, especially while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Emma Jane worked as a nutritionist for 5 years before she quit her job to be a stay-home mom of two boys.

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