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Exercise is about revamping your lifestyle, not just weight loss. Exercise to get healthy – that way, you’ll last longer at it and get better results.

ABS: The Secret Revealed by Lazar Angelov

ABS: The Secret Revealed Nutrition expert Former pro basketball player Certified personal trainer Top fitness model Lazar Angelov’s Before/After Body Transformation Video NUTRITION PLAN WORKOUT ROUTINE VIDEOS OF EXERCISES MOTIVATION BEFORE AND AFTER SUCCESS STORIES PDF eBook TABLE OF CONTENTS:   INTRODUCTION – THE ABS DIET Phase 1: Detox Phase 2: Metabolic start / Low-carbohydrate diet/ […]

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Your Fitness Career

One thing people don’t always tend to notice is that people in high powered careers, aside from their incredibly busy schedules, are often also in very good shape. You may be doubtful as to whether this reflects their inner state. It’s true that a highly successful person could look great on the outside and simultaneously […]

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The Importance Of The Posterior Chain

A problem with the majority of people trying to get in shape by going to the gym is that they will typically assess progress – and build their workouts around – what they can see in the mirror. And, of course, the most prominent muscles when gazing at your own reflection are pectorals, deltoids, abs, […]

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How to Warm Up

What are warm ups Warm ups are physical activities prior to exercise activities or athletic performances. Warm ups are important because they help prepare the body for exercise and physical performances. Unfortunately far too often are warm ups neglected which is a shame since there are many benefits to warming up. Warm ups benefit those […]

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Personal trainer options in New York

The time to start maximizing your physical health is now. Even small steps can make a difference, especially if you keep moving forward instead of starting and stopping physical fitness and nutritional plans. If you have a hectic schedule at home or at work, you might find it tough to stay motivated to go to […]

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