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Looking for New Ways to Get Fit? Read On!

Many of us like to put the effort in to keep fit, and exercise is a great way of shedding those pounds and getting trim. It’s the same for men and women, and as the festive season approaches, we all know we are bound to over-indulge! We could, of course, suggest that you keep the […]

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The Truth About Talcum Powder and Weightlifting

If you’re a weightlifter, then you know about two white powders that are popular among weightlifters. These are baby powder and chalk. Chalk is used commonly in weightlifting, gymnastics and rock climbing. It is a useful implement for enhancing your grip. Baby powder, or talcum powder, is used for the opposite reason: lubrication. It is […]

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Calisthenics Exercises List for Beginners

Calisthenics increase your body strength, muscular conditioning and flexibility as you swing, run, jump, bend, and push yourself to the limit. Your own body and a proper outfit are the only equipment you’ll need. Calisthenics aka ‘Street Workout’ require little effort for maximum results. We have compiled a list of calisthenics exercises that will bring […]

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Need Help Choosing A Gym? – Consider Day Passes and Weekly Gym Memberships

Finding a gym is easy. Anyone can walk in, get signed up and be a fully-fledged member. If only working out regularly proved as easy! Instead of joining the first gym you find, you need to find the right gym, and that is a lot harder than you think. Gyms are experts of the hard-sell, […]

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Think You Need to Go to The Gym to Get Fit? Think Again!

It’s not a mystery why people go to the gym. They want to get in shape and, of course, to improve their appearance. If they don’t have time, then individuals make time. They never complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day. There is one secret that they don’t know about: it’s not necessary […]

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5 Benefits of Compound Exercise

There are various plus points of exercising – and many of them are well-publicised. However, if you have recently felt disappointed by the returns – or lack of them – which your exercise regime appears to be bringing, the key to breaking the deadlock could be switching to compound exercises. These are, to cite a […]

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Should I Include Weights All the Time into My Strength Workout?

When your fitness goal consists of building muscle, nothing quite compares to the notable improvements you can achieve by weightlifting. For progress to happen, you will need to train intensively. But how much is too much? Should you do this type of strength training daily? In this article, we will discuss whether or not weightlifting […]

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Family Workouts: How to Involve the Kids in Play-Based Fitness

Child obesity has long passed the stage of a worrying trend and has now become a massive phenomenon in the UK, where one third of ten year old’s are clinically obese and staying obese for longer than ever before. As child obesity rates are soaring, Public Health England warns that half of the UK could […]

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6 Most Affordable Treadmills in 2018

Adopting a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness has become a common trend with a rise in the number of gym goers. Nonetheless, most people with white color jobs and a tight schedule are not able to maintain their membership since they cannot keep up with the health club schedule. As such, they opt for cheap […]

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10 Corrective Exercises for Breaking down Stretch Techniques

Stretch is a simple exercise in which the muscles and the tendons are stretched voluntarily in order to get a healthy and majestic muscle tone. Unlike other exercises like leg press, pull down exercises, dumbbells, rowing, lat pull down, cable biceps bar etc the stretch workout is a little different which does not require any […]

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