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How Cardio Education Can Grow Your Personal Training Business

You know better than anybody how easily gym goers (particularly young males) can shrug off cardiovascular exercise, in favour of weight training. Your clients are different. They have come to you for results and if you can do a good job of ‘selling’ the benefits of cardio in the first place, then you both stand […]

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The Benefits of Exercise for Heart Disease

Heart disease contributes to most deaths per year, in both women and men worldwide. Many people fear the disease but what they miss is that prevention and control is within their reach. High cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and lack of physical activity are the major causes of heart diseases. But studies have proven that […]

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a naturally-occurring hormone that men and women secrete. However, poor nutrition can lead to rapidly diminished testosterone, especially in males. In contrast, you can naturally increase your testosterone level simply by getting regular exercise practicing a healthy diet. Taking certain vitamins and minerals can also help decrease your body’s natural tendency to endure […]

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Dangers of Abdominal Fat: And 7 Ways To Lose it!

Having a belly fat isn’t attractive, but the problem is much MORE than that. People who have excess of belly fat have higher risk of health-related problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. You can read more about these dangers in this article by the Huffington Post. But not […]

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Top 5 Exercises For Biceps

Building your biceps can be difficult if you’re not doing the right exercises with the appropriate amount of weight. A lot of people hire personal trainers to help them overcome the confusion of this, but that can get expensive quickly. A great alternative to spending money on a trainer is doing exercises at home. There […]

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Encourage Yourself with the Health Benefits of Cycling

The bicycle is one of the earliest vehicles. It is still very much popular across the world. Driven by a simple mechanical system, which functions through your physical efforts, it is a simple exercise. The best part of cycling is that you won’t feel easily tired on a bicycle, but your whole body gets a […]

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7 Reasons Trampolines are a Great Form of Exercise

Getting more exercise into your life is important for staying healthy and fit. However, with the demands of modern life finding the time for a few hours in the gym or a 10km run can be hard. And though you may think of trampolines as toys or simply a good way to wear the kids […]

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How To Fit Exercise Into A “Too Busy To Workout” Schedule

You already know you should exercise. Physical activity improves cardiovascular and pulmonary function, which helps to reduce blood pressure. It also relieves stress, improves sleep, and builds strength and endurance. You’ll enjoy a more positive self-image, more clarity of thought, and the natural “high” that occurs when endorphins are produced. It’s a wonder more people […]

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Preparing for the Swimming Aspect of a Triathlon

If you’ve just signed yourself up for a triathlon competition… well done! You’ve made an excellent decision. Triathlon’s are increasingly popular with athletes and fitness fans who want to push their bodies to limits they didn’t even know they had, and competitions are springing up around the UK and the rest of the world. Even […]

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Top Tips For Any Gym Rookie

For beginners to the world of fitness, the gym is the ideal place to start. It is the perfect place to tone, trim and shape your body. The gym is full of different machines, weights and equipment all designed to work every muscle in your body. But where do you start? What do you wear? […]

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