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Top Tips For Any Gym Rookie

For beginners to the world of fitness, the gym is the ideal place to start. It is the perfect place to tone, trim and shape your body. The gym is full of different machines, weights and equipment all designed to work every muscle in your body. But where do you start? What do you wear? […]

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Turn Your Fat Into Muscle Now!

There are 2 main reasons diets don’t generally work for the public and often fail. First, not getting enough calories into your body will cause hunger attacks and this will lead to binge eating. Second, the food is often very bland tasting and doesn’t give your taste buds what it graves. In both cases this […]

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How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I have my special guest John Romaniello and we’re going to talk about ARNOLD. We’re going to find out a bit about everyone’s hero and find out his beliefs were about specific weight training methods and techniques. John’s YouTube channel How To Naturally Increase Testosterone – With John […]

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Fitness A Great Way to Socialize While Maintaining a Healthy Body

It is a fact that being single and free is a lot of fun. However, you have to realize that you still need to socialize in order for you to meet new people and make new friends or perhaps even meet that special someone you have always been looking for. However, dating and socializing isn’t […]

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Build Your Body With Protein – Post-Exercise Recovery Shakes For The Whole Family

During his professional career, American road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong once shared that when it comes to working out, “I exercise every day. I swim, I bike, I run and I go to the gym.” If only I had that level of dedication! Between spending time on my job, my family, and my hobbies, I […]

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Boot Camp For Summer Swim Suit Season

With the summer months in full swing, it’s time to get back into peak physical condition. While exercising is all about becoming healthy and freeing yourself from stress, it’s also a great way to shape your body and look the way you want to. With swimsuit season here, getting in shape is the best way […]

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How To Make Exercising Fun

If you could maintain a normal weight without exercising, would you still do it? If you asked most Americans that question, they would immediately answer, “Of course, not! Are you crazy?” Many people dread exercise like they dread getting a root canal. It is something that they have to force themselves to do – not […]

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Four Reasons A Treadmill Is Worth The Money

Choosing exercise equipment can be hard. There are so many different options now that it can be difficult to know which ones will deliver the finest results. We’re a fan of keeping it simple, and that means that one of the best pieces of fitness equipment you can buy is a treadmill. Treadmills are time […]

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5 Tips To Make Running Less Boring

Running itself is pretty mundane. Especially if you are one of those crazy people who run for hours on end. I don’t know how you do it. I would die. But if you are like the rest of us normal people who run for about a half hour and then call it quits, it still […]

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Best Supplements To Take After Jogging

People who jog on a regular basis have greater nutritional requirements than those who don’t. Post workout supplements can therefore come in very handy for joggers as they aid in the recovery process, enhance their performance and boost their energy levels. The more intense the jogging, the greater the needs to have more nutrients in […]

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