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How To Make Exercising Fun

If you could maintain a normal weight without exercising, would you still do it? If you asked most Americans that question, they would immediately answer, “Of course, not! Are you crazy?” Many people dread exercise like they dread getting a root canal. It is something that they have to force themselves to do – not something that they would ever choose to do for the fun of it. Understanding why many people feel this way will help you learn how to make exercise fun.

Exercise is Viewed as Punishment

Every day, thousands of people drag themselves off to the gym begrudgingly, wishing that they did not have to. Since they do not enjoy it, before long they will find some excuse to avoid doing it. However, exercise has dozens of benefits that go beyond burning calories. Regular exercise boosts mood, improves sleep, and enhances sex drive. In order to get America moving, we need to change the idea that exercise is some horrific torture that fat people must endure in order to lose weight. Instead, physical activity should be viewed as fun, healthy recreation for people of all shapes and sizes.

Exercise is Seen as Boring

Let’s face it – there are a lot more exciting things to do than running on a treadmill while staring at the wall. While competitive, athletic personalities can entertain themselves by trying to push themselves to the limit during their workout, which is not enough to make a workout fun for most people. Talking with a friend or listening to music or a book on tape while working out can keep an exercise routine from becoming boring. Also, varying up the routine will prevent boredom as well as tone different muscles.

Exercise is Hard for Beginners

No one likes to do things that they are no good at. People who are not very coordinated or athletic can have a hard time finding any type of physical activity that they enjoy – especially if they are out of shape and lack the muscular endurance as well as the skills to engage in physically demanding activities. It can be particularly frustrating for these individuals as they observe athletic people who are in top physical condition do the things that they themselves cannot do. It is easy for these people to get discouraged and quit because they dislike being out of their comfort zone doing something that they are no good at. To stay motivated, they should start with physical activities that are not too competitive, exercise with other beginners, and choose a trainer that is positive and encouraging.

To Conclude

For most people, exercise is not a natural part of their day – they have to squeeze it in. With so many things other things that they could be doing with their free time, the likelihood that they will choose to exercise is small if they do not enjoy it. Since regular physical activity is vital for vibrant health, it is important to make it fun so that more people will be motivated to do it.

Today’s guest post was provided by Alex L. from the NCSF blogging team. Alex is an avid blogger and workaholic by nature. If he isn’t at work, you can usually find him playing beach volleyball with his friends.

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