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Seven Foods That Make You Smell Good

Gain weight FoodsBody odor has always been seen as unattractive. Throughout history, people made attempts to hide the way they smell. For example, in the Western world, women used to hold bouquets of flowers and cloves in an attempt to mask their body odor. Eastern countries found ways of disguising the smell as well, usually through mixtures and creams.

Yes, the battle between man and body odor has been a long one, and it is one that is still continuing today, with some people succeeding and others needing reinforcement here and there. One manner of reinforcement or help involves changing your diet, or at least focusing your attention on foods that make you smell good!

What you ingest can affect the way you smell. If you eat a lot of meat, drink a lot of alcohol, or consume certain spices, your body odor will change and develop a distinct smell. Likewise, certain foods can make you smell good! Here are seven you can try:

1) Apple Juice
Full of vitamins, apple juice will help cleanse your body of toxins, helping get rid of all that may cause your body to smell.

2) Strawberries
A great anti-oxidant, one of your first signs that strawberries are working is when your skin condition begins to improve! Trust that the sweet smell will soon follow!

3) Rosemary
Some aromatic herbs are excellent at ridding you of body odor. Rosemary, which contains camphor, can help rid the body of unpleasant smells!

4) Thyme
Like rosemary, thyme is one of those herbs that can help make you smell better. Luckily, it goes with many dishes so you won’t have to search for new recipes!

5) Parsley
A body-neutralizing herb that can help body odor from event starting, parsley and its natural aromatic oils need to be a staple in your diet.

6) Mint Tea
Ingesting mint will help ease digestion making your system more efficient. The better your body processes food, the better you will smell!

7) Yoghurt
Perhaps the only dairy product on the list, yoghurt often contains live microorganisms that will help your stomach digest food and combat toxins, expelling it as waste!

If you have always had a body odor problem, consider eating foods that make you smell good! Changing your diet can be the key to effectively getting rid of your problem completely! After a couple weeks into the new diet, you are likely to find that the other things you do to get rid of body odor will work better.

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