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7 Benefits of using pinhole glasses

Pinhole glasses are essentially eyeglasses with pinhole-sized perforations filling the opaque sheet made of plastic. They function very similar to pinhole cameras as every perforation allows for a narrow beam of light to enter the eye. The effect is increased depth of field and reduced circle of confusion. Unlike prescription glasses, using pinhole glasses will […]

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Beard Transplant is getting “Popular & Hip” in the UK – What’s the gain?

People suffering from baldness or patches of hair have a solution in hand. The solution doesn’t just reduce baldness and help you look young, it makes you look a whole lot trendier too. Admittedly, treatments like these doesn’t come cheap but then for those who have some amount of green paper to spend, this doesn’t […]

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How Pinhole Glasses Work and Why You Should Care

Pinhole glasses are becoming an increasing trend due to several factors, including cost and efficiency. Because they don’t require a prescription, however, you may never have heard about them from an eye doctor. However, these glasses are often of great benefit to people who are both nearsighted and farsighted, so they are worth looking into. […]

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Launching Your Own Journey to Spiritual Awakening

True spiritual awareness happens once the realisation is made that humanity is deeply connected with all sentient beings. Once that is known, there’s unending potential toward transformation and deeper harmony within humanity and its place in the world. Empathy and awareness of energies as well as our impact on one another and our world, tie […]

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Living the Jockey Lifestyle

As we enter into the winter months, interest in outdoor sports is dwindling as fans and spectators cosy up inside to catch a glimpse of their favourite athletes on television instead. For one particular brand of sportsman however, now is the time to be getting fit and prepared for the upcoming months. With the likes […]

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Tools and techniques for medical device risk management

There are several different types of risk management tools and techniques, for example: Risk management for medical devices (ISO 14971) FMEA/FMECA (IEC 60812) P-FMEA (IEC 60812) Fault tree analysis (IEC 61025) Below is a short summary of each of the listed processes/techniques and how they are related. Risk management for medical devices according to ISO […]

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