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Seven Epic Health and Safety Fails

Health and safety doesn’t have the best reputation. It is generally associated with a tedious lecture you’re forced to endure whenever you start a new job. Rules and regulations differ from company to company so while it might seem like a waste of time, health and safety could ultimately keep you from harm. To illustrate […]

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How A Little Time Outdoors Can Change Your Outlook On Life

How much time do you usually spend outside, in nature, actually enjoying it? Not just walking from your car to your office, or taking the dog outside for a quick bathroom break, but actually time spent outside, breathing the air and looking around? There are many reasons that you should be getting outside.     […]

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Toilet Etiquette – What not to do when you’re in the loo

Far from being ‘restrooms’, shared toilets, whether in a public space, in a restaurant or a workplace environment, can be treacherous places. Sure, we all need to go and answer nature’s call, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the same idea of what’s just plain good behaviour when it comes to communal lavatorial […]

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Labelling the Workplace – Avoiding Potential Hazards

Hazards in the workplace would be oblivious to us if we didn’t have the appropriate labelling in place. Anything that goes unlabelled could be mistaken for something different or viewed as having no potential threat to our health and safety. Labels play an essential role in the workplace. We can use them to learn and […]

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Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person

“The early bird catches the worm” Anna Wintour, Richard Branson, Tim Cook they are all incredibly well known, successful and inspirational – but apart from these 3 things, what else do they have in common? They are all morning people, and start their day before 6am. Harnessing the power of early mornings will raise you […]

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White pepper oil

The Difference Between Black and White Pepper Oil, and Their Therapeutic Benefits

Most people associate pepper with the black spice frequently used in everyday cooking, but there are more forms than simply grinding it and sprinkling on your favorite dishes – and it’s not always black. In fact, due to the many therapeutic properties, there is a growing, worldwide market for both black and white pepper oil. […]

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Helping Student with Special Needs

Top Tips for Helping Pupils With SEN

The population of children with SEN is growing and this has led to an increasing number of teachers, coaches, instructors and adults in general adopting new methods of communication with children who have special needs. Teachers are likely to experience teaching a child with special needs at some stage which further increases the necessity for […]

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What is the P-Shot and Can it Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has been around for decades and used in many areas of medicine, particularly in the treatment of sports-related injuries and osteoarthritis. One of the latest applications for PRP therapy is in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction and penis enhancement. A patented new treatment called the P-Shot uses PRP therapy and […]

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Advice for keeping your joints in top condition when training for running

If you want to be a successful runner, you need to ensure that your body stays in good condition. The occasional injury or strain is inevitable, but if you respond appropriately, it doesn’t need to lead to long-term damage. You can reduce the risk of injury by being careful about the surfaces you run on […]

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Dieting When Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes

Having a healthy nutrition plan is basically the foundation of living a completely healthy life. However, when dealing with some conditions and problems that appear, this is a little more complicated than many expect. This is also the case with type 2 diabetes. In this case we have what is referred to as a type […]

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