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Causes & Remedies of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders can be one of the most harrowing experiences in the life of any individual. Everyone wishes to have their 8 hours of dreams after a taxing day at office – but what if your sleep is troubled (or worse, if you simply can’t fall asleep)? While certain types of sleep disorders can be […]

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The Importance Of Being Healthy

In a world where people are increasingly worried about money problems and their careers, health is starting to take a back seat. This has been highlighted in the UK obesity figures, which shows over 60% of the adult population is either overweight or obese. The impact on carrying large amounts of excess weight on your […]

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Beating the Bugs and Fighting the Flu

As we head into the season of chills and runny noses, the good news is that for those living in London suffering from congestion charges in the form of Lem-sip and Paracetamol, it is not only necessary to find the best GP in London to avoid the icy grip of the cold fairy.  While private flu […]

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Hello and welcome to our blog!

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Popular Myths about Healthy Living

“Chocolate is bad for you” This is a classic line to hear in the staff room at lunch and it is at best only half right. Chocolate, as with anything, should only be eaten in moderation but the most negative problem with eating chocolate is the high sugar content but there are ways round this. […]

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Get Out for Your Health!

[image src=”” caption=”water fountain” float=”left”]You spend almost half of your time at work, so isn’t it just as important to try to be a little more eco-friendly there too? I realized this last month as I caught myself throwing a couple of soda cans away, a few paper cups at the water cooler, paper towels […]

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