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[image src=”” caption=”water fountain” float=”left”]You spend almost half of your time at work, so isn’t it just as important to try to be a little more eco-friendly there too? I realized this last month as I caught myself throwing a couple of soda cans away, a few paper cups at the water cooler, paper towels in the bathroom and the list goes on! I did a little research and luckily, having a wanna-be greener boss, he agreed to give it a whirl!

There were 2 solutions to the water cooler ordeal. 1) We asked everyone to bring in their own cup to get water from all day long without using paper cups. This worked out great until we still saw how many cups customers were using. At that point, I was given the green light to have a filtered water fountain installed. Clean water, no cups, dilema solved.

We were wasting so much ink and paper printing out receipts that people were literally throwing away as they walked out, that I asked around about an alternate way to give clients their receipts. Installing a point of sale system kept us from having to buy paper, ink and give receipts by e-mailing them to the customer instead. LOVE this!

Air dryers in the bathroom was an easy fix. Hundreds of paper towels being thrown away each day was just too much. Air dryers were surprisingly easy to install and alot less expensive than I thought. Your welcome trees!

Lastly, recycling bins. Aluminum, paper and plastic. Many cities will supply businesses with these, making it a cinch. If not, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and you can have workers rotate and take turns dropping off the recycling each week.

A little bit goes a long way and since we implemented these new green standards at work have caused quite a few people to make home improvements too! Mission accomplished!

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