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Get Your Facts Straight: Myths About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is perhaps the most widely heard bone condition there is – thanks to all those catchy milk commercials shown on TV. Thing is, people only know that it’s some bone disease usually contracted in old age, and can be remedied by chugging milk – lots of it.  Another sad truth is that it’s always easier to believe what’s easy to understand. So unless you are a passionate and diligent student in a medical related course, or a degree holder in any health field, you’re bound to believe what you don’t really know.

It might seem harmless to just go with what everybody knows and believes, but then again, “prevention is better than cure”. Surely, one can’t prevent something unless he has all his facts straight. Having the right knowledge comes hand-in-hand with successful prevention, so before you start hoarding all the milk in town, know first the most common myths about osteoporosis:

Myth #1: Africans and Hispanics need not worry about having osteoporosis.

Well, yes, it’s true that Asians and Caucasians have a higher risk of developing the disease, but this does not necessarily mean that “colored” individuals are totally spared. Osteoporosis is a multi-factorial disease, which means that its occurrence is contributed in by a number of factors and conditions.

Myth #2: Men are an exception.

While most of the cases reported are that of women, there are still quite a number of men who are diagnosed with the disease. This is a huge misconception as there are males who actually suffer from bone fractures.

Myth #3: Osteoporosis announces its presence with a grand entrance.

People usually think that when they have a disease, it will immediately manifest. This is actually one of the main reasons why people who are actually sick become complacent and choose to do nothing, consequently and unknowingly causing their condition to worsen. Osteoporosis in its early stages is asymptomatic, therefore it’s important to have regular check-ups especially if risks are known to be high.

Myth #4: Only old people catch the bug.

Again, blame it on those misleading milk TV commercials that show elderly and female models more than half the time. Osteoporosis does not only occur in females, and does not only occur in the elderly. It occurs to the females and the males, the young and the old.

Myth #5: Milk is the ultimate elixir against osteoporosis.

Milk fanatics, sorry to burst your bubble but drinking lots of milk is not the only way to prevent osteoporosis. While it’s true that high intake of calcium-rich foods can help promote bone health, there are still around 17 other nutrients essential in keeping the bones healthy and strong. Exercise and a lifestyle free of vices are both important too.

These are only some of the many myths about osteoporosis. To be duly informed, it’s best to read up on bone health and to periodically visit a reliable orthopedic specialist for necessary check-ups, as well as valuable recommendations and advice.

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