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5 Ways Smiling More Can Improve Your Life

While we aim to fulfill life’s various responsibilities, we might often forget to smile as the stress takes a toll on us. And then there comes a time when we consider the lack of smile normal as we approach towards adulthood. But the truth is, we should smile just as much as kids do. In […]

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Mind Over Matter: Changing Your Lifestyle for the Better

Sometimes, it seems like half of being human is knowing what you have to do…and then doing something different, anyway. Unfortunately, the best of intentions frequently fall by the wayside under the pressures of everyday life. It takes real willpower to walk past the biscuit stall without stopping, go to the gym two times a […]

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3 Habits That Lead To a Longer Life

Most people can agree that they would like to live a long and healthy life over a shorter and unhealthier one.  When you feel healthy you feel more motivated to make the most out of your day and go to bed every night feeling enthusiastic about your purpose on the planet. Health is something that […]

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The Healthy Road To Recovering From Bad Habits

Bad habits aren’t just gross (like smoking) or something that could lead to future health problems, they can lead to immediate issues as well. Plus, the longer you stick with your bad habits the worse your health can get. However, as bad as things can get, if you drop your bad habits now you could […]

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5 Things That May Be Stopping You From Losing Weight

You may find yourself in a frenzy of weight loss efforts, from supplements, to trying the latest diets, to a workout program yet see no progress. It can be extremely frustrating to put our full energy and intentions into something only to fall short and feel like a failure. This can make us give up […]

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Dealing With Bad Habits That May Be Making You Fat

When it comes to being healthy there are some things that might slip by you. Those nasty habits could be making you fatter, or at least making it harder for you to lose weight. Maybe you’ve recently hit a plateau and you just can’t figure out why.     Here are some things that could […]

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