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Does Health Experts’ Support of Vaping Spell Widespread Acceptance?

It’s safe to say that vaping has successfully established itself as a popular trend, and a genuine aid for health improvement for many, but there will always be those who doubt its legitimacy as a healthier alternative to smoking. The evidence of it being a safer option has gradually been building up for a while now, so does this mean we will soon see widespread acceptance of this once-niche culture?

E-cigarettes as we know them today have been available to the public since 2003 and, since then, vaping has amassed a large following. Whether this is due to its appeal as a trend or as a healthy alternative to smoking will change from person to person, but nevertheless, its continued popularity can’t be denied.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the current standing of the vaping industry, the stance of health professionals on how healthy it is, and how this will impact widespread acceptance.

The Rise of E Cigarettes

Since the early 2000s when the first e-cigarette was sold commercially in China, it’s not only become a popular trend and ‘must have’ accessory; it’s also provided a much-needed alternative for smokers. Replicating the ‘hold and draw’ nature of a cigarette, e-cigs avoid the carcinogenic chemicals produced by cigarettes, but still provide the nicotine that smokers are looking for (though there are nicotine-free options, too). It’s estimated that around 20 million people vape worldwide, which is a clear sign that it’s reaching the masses.

While many people may well have adopted vaping as a pastime of sorts, much like ‘social smokers’, it seems that there is genuine argument for the benefit it provides for those struggling to give up tobacco. It has gone from strength to strength as a culture in and of itself, too, with vape news publications, bloggers, ‘vape tricks’ videos, and other forms of media all doing their part to reach a broader audience.

UK Health Professionals Give E-Cigs the Thumbs Up

In an unprecedented move, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) included e cigarettes in its anti-smoking campaign: Stoptober Although many people already vape in attempt to give up smoking (in fact, the success rate of quitting thanks to e-cigs is at an all-time high), the NHS’s campaign is a huge step for gaining widespread acceptance.

In the NHS advert, a man is vaping a box mod e-cigarette, which may lead people to assume that they are projecting the message that vaping is healthy. It should be noted that there are sceptics who have pointed out some of the ways e-cigs are unhealthy. So, in this case, it seems as though the NHS is stating that vaping is the best option for those who have found it too difficult to give up nicotine altogether.

Vaping is certainly still in its infancy — a hobby on the top that’s less than two decades old. That means there is plenty of time for health professionals to see the potential in back e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking tool, or at least advise companies on how to make e-cigarettes as healthy as possible. If this is the case, then we could be set for a very interesting future when you consider how many people suffer from cancer and other conditions due to smoking tobacco.

Where Vaping Goes From Here

The vaping industry is still relatively new and unexplored in regards to the scope for long-term popularity. The results of whether or not it can make people give up tobacco for good remains to be seen, but the early signs are very positive. The overall health of e-cig users is also a key factor to monitor over time. At the moment, though, it’s generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking — and it’s difficult to see why the industry won’t enjoy new levels of success in the future.

Britain’s NHS giving a nod of approval to vaping could mean big changes in a medical sense, with the potential for other countries to follow suit or even the distribution of e-cigarettes via prescription — but all of that is yet to be seen. For now, it seems as though e cigarettes are here to stay, and even the most sceptical of people will find it difficult to argue with the fact that they are helping so many people give up smoking.

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