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Four Ways to Maintain Your Health When You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is expensive. The average family pays over $800 per month on their premiums. Costs can be even higher if you have to purchase health insurance on your own without the benefit of the reduced costs that come with joining a group plan. Even if you have insurance, coverage levels can vary, which can […]

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Car Accident? You May Be Compensated

Because the world is built around vehicle transportation, people must have a car to get to their jobs, go to shops that are outside of their neighbourhood, and go on holiday. People drive millions of miles on public roads every day, so there is always a chance for an accident to happen. If you are […]

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Private Health Care: What to Consider

With the National Health Service available to all in the United Kingdom free of charge, it’s not difficult tounderstand why some people believe that paying for private healthcare treatment might be a waste of money. However, more and more individuals and families are using private healthcare to treat medical conditions. Anyone can get private health […]

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What is Private Health Insurance and do you need it?

In the United Kingdom there is a universal healthcare system, the NHS, that provides all citizens with free healthcare at the point of use. This healthcare system has been the bedrock of the British society since 1948 and has been an ever-present in election campaigns since. The ideals of the NHS to provide free healthcare, […]

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Labelling the Workplace – Avoiding Potential Hazards

Hazards in the workplace would be oblivious to us if we didn’t have the appropriate labelling in place. Anything that goes unlabelled could be mistaken for something different or viewed as having no potential threat to our health and safety. Labels play an essential role in the workplace. We can use them to learn and […]

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Eye Protection in the Workplace

When Health and Safety Goes Wrong

Many workers and indeed many members of the public at large have a deep mistrust of what has become widely (and not affectionately) known as “elf n’ safety”.  The common perception seems to be that Health and Safety issues are an excuse for officials with clipboards to run around calling time on legitimate activities in […]

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Travelling with a Disability

Travelling with a physical disability can be difficult, at times. However, there is lots that you can do to make sure that is as easy as possible, so you can get on with enjoying the new sights and sounds that travelling brings. This does involve lots more planning before you arrive, but it means that […]

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3 Reasons to Be More Open With Your Doctor About Your Condition

Some health concerns are embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about. At other times, you may hesitate to share a concern with your doctor for fear of being a burden or seeming needy. The truth is, your doctor is committed to helping you improve your health, but needs accurate information to do so. The more honest […]

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How do private health funds work?

If you are confused about the private health care industry in Australia, you are definitely not alone. There is a lot of information to sort through, and it can be quite confusing for those who are weighing up their options with regards to health care and health insurance. However with a little bit of research, […]

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Medicare-supplement plan f comparison

The number of people becoming aware about the various advantages of health insurance and opting for it is steadily increasing around the world. Residents of USA would be familiar with the term Medigap, an extra health insurance that can be bought from a private company to pay for health care costs not covered by Original Medicare, […]

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