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Health insurance is insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals.

Travelling with a Disability

Travelling with a physical disability can be difficult, at times. However, there is lots that you can do to make sure that is as easy as possible, so you can get on with enjoying the new sights and sounds that travelling brings. This does involve lots more planning before you arrive, but it means that […]

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How do private health funds work?

If you are confused about the private health care industry in Australia, you are definitely not alone. There is a lot of information to sort through, and it can be quite confusing for those who are weighing up their options with regards to health care and health insurance. However with a little bit of research, […]

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Medicare-supplement plan f comparison

The number of people becoming aware about the various advantages of health insurance and opting for it is steadily increasing around the world. Residents of USA would be familiar with the term Medigap, an extra health insurance that can be bought from a private company to pay for health care costs not covered by Original Medicare, […]

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Your Top Medical Insurance Questions Answered

We’re fortunate enough in the UK to have an excellent, and more importantly, free way to receive our medical treatment, thanks to the steadfastness of our beloved National Health Service (NHS). From minor visits to the Accident & Emergency room with a broken thumb to life-saving open heart surgery, we’re covered. However, we also have […]

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Expat Health Insurance in Europe

Health insurance is not only important for you when you live in your own country but it is also important when you plan for an extended trip to some other place for work, recreation or any other reason. In absence of health insurance if you fall sick in a new place then there are chances […]

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What Health Insurance Can Do For You?

Many people are now considering health insurance as a necessity instead of the luxury it was once considered to be. It has become far more competitively priced and increasingly flexible in the type of cover available. You can buy insurance to cover all of your medical costs, or you can opt for a level of […]

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