The 5 Best Health Care Professions

The Health Care industry employs a massive amount of people in the United States. In fact, it adds up to about ⅙th of the total economy. With so many working opportunities, you may be asking yourself what may rank among the best of these health care positions. Here are the top five best health care... Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Healthcare

Students get lost at times when it comes to choosing courses and careers. One of the oldest careers in the world is healthcare. Medicine has been practiced formally and informally for as long as people have lived. The relevance of this sector is still dominant even with the introduction of technology. A career in the... Continue reading

7 Ways Mobile Health Is Transforming The World Of Healthcare

Mobile health (mHealth) is the delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, patient monitors and so on. Mobile health applications help collect valuable community and clinical health data and enable practitioners, researchers and patients to deliver healthcare information on a regular basis. With rapid improvements in ...

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Natural Remedies Patients Can Use to Prevent Glaucoma

When a patient waits until the glaucoma has progressed to later stages, the primary options for treatment are going to be limited to taking medications, or even undergoing surgery in order to reduce eye pressure. At a certain age, typically around sixty years, it is extremely important to begin taking steps to prevent, or slow... Continue reading

Chiropractors: Wizards With Magic Hands

Health is probably the most important factor in every person’s life.  When it’s missing, we cannot be happy and fulfilled. Maintenance and proper care are vital for  a healthy body. Many chiropractors are popular for their care and attention towards this topic. Their methods are unique and efficient, alleviating pain and helping people regain their... Continue reading

What Makes Being a Doctor so Difficult?

Being a doctor is a tremendously rewarding profession, but it is a profession that not everyone can do. If you are considering getting into the field of medicine, you should be aware of some of the challenges that doctors face. If you are already practicing medicine, then you know that being a doctor has many... Continue reading

The Signs of a Negligent Doctor

When you place your health in the hands of another person, you do so with the belief that the medical provider will give quality care that will be in your best interest. It is a form of trust that is automatically bestowed upon the medical profession by the patients. Sadly, it is not always justified.... Continue reading

Health Care Website Design

The health care industry has a special set of requirements for a website. As with all websites, a health care website should be professional, flexible, editable and secure. Some of the features include patient login areas, secure symptom tracking for patients, informational videos, pre-surgery and post-surgery care, downloadable patient forms, request appointment forms. ...

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What Is A Certified Nursing Assistant

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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a medical professional who aids patients by providing their healthcare needs. CNAs work under the supervision of either a registered nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The position of CNA requires an individual who is focused, can work long hours, is not afraid of unpleasant duties, is... Continue reading

Obamacare’s Effect On Doctor Vacations

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is causing a lot of concern among doctors. With so many changes coming, lots of doctors and others are seeking answers. One of the ways this piece of legislation may affect doctors is in terms of their vacations. In order to do an effective job at taking care of patients,... Continue reading

What Patients Need to Know About NC Emergency Rooms

Sometimes people have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that they need care for outside of business hours.  When this occurs, they will need to go to an emergency room. An emergency room is a clinic that is designed to deal with life threatening and/or urgent medical problems.  Due to the nature of these clinics, they... Continue reading

Why You Should Use Medical Machining in Your Medical Office

Technical Advances and the Medical Field As a medical professional, you probably take pride in providing the best possible care for your patients. This may include providing one-on-one care and maintaining precise patient records.  Obtaining and maintaining up-to-date equipment is also essential. Just as you wouldn’t rely on outdated patient records, neither should you ...

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Advanced Practice Nurses Fill the Void

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In the U.S. and around the world, hospitals and other medical facilities are finding it harder and harder to find skilled, trained medical staff, especially physicians. Some areas of the healthcare industry have exploded, but others like physician’s assistant have been very slow to expand. One solution to the lack of qualified professionals is to... Continue reading

HIPAA IT Compliance And What It Means To Your Medical Practice

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was created and put into effect as a way to protect electronic personal health information. HIPAA IT compliance means that physical and virtual configurations from networks and servers to virtual machines must be assessed against HIPAA policy and proven to be following these regulatory laws if an audit... Continue reading

Landmark Healthcare Implant Lawsuit Makes Headlines

In a West Coast courtroom, a jury determined that medical implant manufacturer C.R. Bard would be charged for the injuries caused to the plaintiff. Their mesh device led to difficulties which left Ms. Scott with terrible physical pain, and unable to have marital nuptials. Once this groundbreaking verdict was ruled upon, the plaintiff was given... Continue reading

How to dispose of clinical waste safely

Disposing of clinical waste is something that you are responsible for as a healthcare professional. You can leave most of the disposal part to the local council’s clinical waste collection system or a private contractor; however, you should be aware of the clinical waste handling and disposal requirements, so that you don’t get yourself or... Continue reading

Why Sweden’s Health Care System is Considered the Best

Sweden is a group of 20 county councils. About 90 percent of the county councils’ work is on health care while the remaining works are on other areas, like infrastructure and culture. The population in these 21 areas ranges from 60,000 to 1,900,000. There are wide regional variations due to the considerable liberty among county... Continue reading

How to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

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If you are a medical administrator, your worst nightmare may be the abuse of the elderly or disabled patients in the nursing home where you are employed. One of the main ways to prevent this situation from arising is to educate yourself as much as possible about this problem. What is Nursing Home Abuse? Nursing... Continue reading

Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits

In an age where scrutiny of the healthcare system is at an all-time high, there’s some less-than-great news being reported from the folks that keep score. According to a new scientific study, 71 percent of all emergency room visits by patients with employer-sponsored health insurance are essentially unnecessary. The Claim The study, which was performed... Continue reading

2013’s Top International Nursing Conferences

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Every year, nurses working across the world are invited to myriad global conferences; each offering the usual free pens and button badges, but covering slightly different disciplines or sub-sectors of the nursing/healthcare industry. Hundreds take place every year, making it impossible for nurses to attend every single event; however by narrowing down the best on offer, ...

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5 Pearls Of Wisdom For Trainee Care Workers

The care industry is constantly evolving and with people living longer and on-going advances in medical science dramatically improving our lifespans, the demand for care workers in the future is only set to grow. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that will allow you to work with people then a care position could be... Continue reading

5 Quotes Highlighting The American Healthcare Debate

Depending on who you speak to in the United States about the topic of healthcare, you’re either going to hear that it’s the government’s job, or that it’s not the government’s job, to provide health insurance for every citizen. As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) nears its start date, we still... Continue reading

Using social media to find a job in care

The care industry is a particularly attractive one. Not only does it provide a stable job opportunity but it also gives us the chance to work with people and provide help in areas where it is needed most of all. Despite the considerable demand for care workers, it can be tricky to find work in... Continue reading

The Brave New World Of Healthcare

Following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act through parliament, a new marketplace for healthcare has been ushered in for those who use services in England. Where once the public sector had a monopoly on the provision of healthcare services for people accessing NHS care, now there is a greater degree of freedom... Continue reading

Top 5 Nursing Jokes

Have you heard this one? There once was a call nurse who wandered through the unit screaming, “Tetanus! Measles! Typhoid!” She liked to call the shots. Nurses have great senses of humor. They like to make jokes about themselves, other nurses, doctors and, yes, patients. Professionalism dictates, of course, that they never make these last... Continue reading

How nurses can stem the tide of hospital infections

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MRSA may have been brought largely under control in the UK, but hospital infections are on an upward trend – and they are getting more resilient and more serious than ever. Patients brought into hospital for routine operations are picking up infections that even the most modern and powerful antibiotics lack the strength to tackle.... Continue reading

In Home Care: It’s Not Just for the Elderly

What is in home care? It’s a service provided that gives you or your loved one needed care inside the home. There is no need to move into a nursing home, assisted care facility or residential group home where there are several patients that attending to. In home care services aren’t just for the elderly; younger... Continue reading

4 Important Tips For Selecting A Good Home Health Nurse

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When you are in need of home health care or if you have a loved one that requires assistance from a medical professional each day, seeking out a good home health nurse can be done with a few tips and a bit of research regardless of your needs. Selecting a good home health nurse can... Continue reading

Is Private Healthcare Worth The Cost?

Many in the US look longingly to countries like Canada, the UK and Australia where public healthcare is free without thinking about the downsides such a situation creates. While public healthcare is important to ensure all members of society can receive treatment for their ailments, such pressure creates systemic strain that means the overall quality... Continue reading