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Technology and the Future of Healthcare in Australia

The future of healthcare in Australia is among our most exciting national conversations. Oh sure, pioneers of electric cars, video games, and Virtual Reality (VR) are rightfully winning a ton of attention – but the amazing thing about healthcare’s future is it can incorporate so many emerging technologies. Progress here can also be a tremendous […]

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My Life as a Dementia Caregiver

They say that the youngest in the family is the most spoilt one. However, it isn’t wholly accurate especially when you and your siblings have a vast age difference. While it doesn’t hurt to be treated like the baby of the family on occasion, all of this changes when one of your parents becomes ill. […]

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How Technology Is Changing the Healthcare Fields

The proliferation of technological devices into our lives has happened so seamlessly that its sometimes surprising just how many devices exist to facilitate everyday interactions. You can video conference with people in China, turn your house lights on from an app on your Smartphone, and wear a device that transmits health information to your doctor. […]

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The Effects Of Medical Malpractice In The Healthcare Industry

The Hippocratic Oath is a wide-known saying, especially in the field of medicine. In fact, it’s an oath that is sworn by a lot of physicians to this day, as the oath is widely considered to be one of the core foundation of medical ethics today in the West. Principles under this oath, as popularised […]

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So You Don’t Want To Be A Doctor: Healthcare Jobs That Could Suit You Better

     If you grew up with a passion for medicine, you may have considered taking the long and challenging path of becoming a doctor. Once qualified, a doctor is able to take lots of different career paths in all different areas of medicine. It is an extremely rewarding job that combines science with a […]

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Patient Care in the UK NHS

Poor care as a hospital inpatient can directly contribute to cases of medical negligence. Patient care not only makes sure that the essential requirements for healing are met but also that patients receive dignified treatment, that their experience of medical care does not add to the possible trauma associated with falling ill.  Clinical neglect can not […]

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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

The Incredible Power of Online Fitness Gurus – and How to Become One

If you want to sell fitness videos online, chances are you’ve been in the fitness world for a while. But being inside a gym with your students and putting yourself out there on the internet are two very different prospects, aren’t they? Luckily, it’s easier than you think to use your amaze-balls exercise skills to […]

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NHS Efficiency – Improving Floor Space Management With Storage

You only have to glance at newspaper headlines to see how many different challenges the UK’s health service is facing. Alongside regular budget cuts, we’re constantly hearing that GPs and junior doctors are in crisis. So much so that a recent survey revealed that 40 per cent of GPs in the south-west of England plan […]

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Starting A Career In Health And Wellness

There are many reasons to get start a career in the fields of health and wellness and there are many positions to be had in these areas. You could go along the lines of a food and health expert and become a dietitian, or you could do something along the lines of helping people get […]

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Biochemical Lab Relocation Makes Residential Moving Look Easy

Moving from one home to the next is often cited as one of the most stressful life events, especially if you must travel long-distance to a new city. As frustrating as residential moving can be it pales in comparison to lab relocation when biological transport is needed. People may be able to muscle through a home […]

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