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A Healthy Diet Plan For Every Woman

Diet is a very important aspect of a healthy life, but most of the time we ignore it for various reasons. Moreover, keeping up with a healthy diet is a tough task. For women, whether a working woman or a home-maker, healthy lifestyle is always a matter of concern.

Women often find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet because of overburden of work, stress, and time bound schedules. Even though, they are the ones who need to take care of their health more than others.

We quite frequently meet women struggling with weight issues. For them, effective fruits for weight loss like avocado, grapes and strawberries that are rich in nutrition are always a healthy diet option.

Here are some of the healthy diet plans that every woman should consider;


Breakfast is the key for a healthy body as it provides a high level of energy. Its importance lies in the name itself. It breaks the overnight fast. It activates our metabolism system and that’s why heavy and healthy breakfast is a must for  healthy living.

People who skip their breakfast have a high level of fat and sugar in their mid-morning snack or lunch. The research also suggests that people who have breakfast are healthier than those who skip it. Apart from energy, breakfast is a very good source of Protein, fiber, vitamin B and iron.

It is always advisable to include fresh fruits in breakfast that contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition to this, snacks that contain high protein like egg, salmon and dairy products are always an easy and healthy breakfast option, as it keeps the stomach full for a longer time and does not require a heavy meal for mid-mornings.  


Mid-morning snack bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch. It’s very important to have it in a proper quantity. Many times people have a misconception that having mid-morning snack will increase the fat level, whereas in reality, evenly taken meals in total have faster metabolism system which ultimately results in reducing fat and bad carbohydrates, developing mass muscles.

One can have healthy options like oatcakes, peanuts, almonds, etc. that can fill the tummy and keeps the metabolism system activated. Just make sure you get a good deal on snack and drinks.


It is often seen that people take their lunch in a very unhealthy and hectic manner which is a bad practice. First of all, lunch should always be taken in a peaceful manner. Lunch that is a mix of lean protein and starchy carbohydrates is always a healthy option. The food containing carbohydrates maintains energy level and blood sugar level

Having potatoes with skin, brown rice, whole-wheat bread is always a good lunch option. Apart from this, having low-fat dairy products and a good amount of salad makes the lunch perfect.


Mid afternoon snack is somewhat optional. One should take a light snack only to keep away the hunger for a while. Starvation is not good for a healthy body and therefore one should always keep the stomach full with a light snack so that the gap between lunch and dinner is filled well. Having dried fruits, unsalted nuts, low-calorie fruits like cherry, tomatoes, apples, etc. are the healthy options for a mid-afternoon snack.


The dinner should contain approx. 650 to 700 calories which can be gained through various healthy diet options.  One should include salad, salmon, nuts, seeds and their oil in diet. The unsaturated oils and spreads are very important to have for lower cholesterol. However, it should be taken carefully. One can also have meat, fish, beans, and a variety of vegetables to keep the diet balanced.

In case of working women, the diet should be given more emphasis as it helps a woman to balance home and work. In the case of home-makers, it is even more important as their duties are never ending and they do 24 hours job. Whatever is the case, a healthy diet plan is the key to a happy and healthy life.

About the Author Amanda Wade

Proud editor at Health Host, freelance writer, busy mother and housewife. I am passionate about living healthy and getting the most out of life by healthy choices and habits.

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