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How to grow your own Organic Coffee?

Considering the huge amount of pesticides and chemicals, used in the production of coffee, the health experts are of the opinion that drinking coffee regularly may have a n umber of adverse effects on our health. But it is difficult to leave a habit all of a sudden, especially if your day starts with a cup of hot, brimming coffee. Well, the solution is organic coffee – while not posing any risks to your health this can boost you up in the mornings and will keep you fresh and active for the rest of the day. 

the production of coffee

Just like any other organic products, organic coffee, too, is cultivated on lands which are not treated with any chemicals within the last three years and as a result of this you get a lot of health benefits by drinking organic coffee regularly. And the most interesting thing about organic coffee is that you can even grow it on your own. Won’t you like to know how? Here I have jotted down the process; take a quick look –

First of all you need to choose the location. Look for a place where all of these will be available – consistent humidity, 12 hours of diffused sunlight daily, night temperature, not below 60 degrees and a warm temperature during the daytime. Indoor hot tub area or a sunroom can be ideal for growing organic coffee beans. But if you are planning to grow it as a houseplant, you’ll have to water it more frequently in order to balance the lacking humidity in the air.

Decide what type of coffee bean you would like to grow and order accordingly. The main two types are “Arabica” and “Robusta”. Since Arabica is self fertile it needs only one plant and Robusta needs several plantations. Both the type produce almost two pounds of organic coffee beans, which taste delicious.

You will require pots of different sizes in the different phases of the plants. First you need to put the plants in small sized pots and you can shift them into larger container when they are grown. And finally you can plant them in a really large pot in your garden. Remember that organic coffee beans can grow only in organic soil and you will find pots, already ready with organic soils in several garden stores. These are ideal to grow organic coffee as they provide well drained and fertile soil which exactly is needed for the cultivation of organic coffee.

Be careful about the plantation. Make sure that you are watering the plants twice a week and that too in different manners; in the first watering water the plant until the water is drained at the bottom and then apply the liquid organic fertilizer; in the second watering add some more water to moisten the soil but be careful that it is not drained out. If they are grown indoor use mister on the plants during the week so that it gets the required humidity. Once the plants are a couple of years’ old water them less during the moths of winter.

Next you need to harvest the coffee beans properly. After the plants are two to four years old, they produce flower and they grow green to yellow to red gradually. When they are soft and perfectly ripe, harvest them and remove the two organic beans inside them.

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