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How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addictions can be a huge diet downfall for people, and unfortunately added sugar and artificial sweeteners are lurking in almost everything. However you don’t have to be a slave to sugar for the rest of your life, you just have to have the right tools and tips to help you kick the habit. Use these five tips to help eliminate sugar from your diet and beat your sugar addiction once and for all:

Get rid of trigger foods.

We all have trigger foods – they’re the ones that once we start eating them we lose all sense of self control and can’t stop. They also typically have the uncanny ability to cause us to start eating other unhealthy, sugary foods. Start kicking your sugar addiction by removing these types of food from your house. If you can’t control how much you eat of them then they don’t need to be around tempting you.

Cut out one sugary treat a day.

It’s unreasonable to think that you’ll be able to completely kick your sugar habit on the first day, so instead of trying to completely purge your diet start by eliminating one sugary treat a day. Maybe it’s cutting out the creamer in your morning coffee, or trading out a cheese stick and piece of fruit for your regular afternoon candy bar. Once you find yourself comfortable with skipping this sugary treat, eliminate another one, and continue until you’ve completely kicked the habit.

Start having fruit after meals instead of treats.

Instead of reaching for chocolate or ice cream to satisfy a sugary craving, grab a piece of fruit instead. The natural sugars in the fruit will help you satisfy your sweet tooth without completely wreaking havoc on your diet, and once you start regularly eating whole foods in place of processed ones your body will begin to crave natural sugars over the artificial ones.

Eat every 2-3 hours.

One common reason that people reach for processed, sugary treats is because their blood sugar levels have dipped too low and they need the automatic boost that these types of treats provide. By eating a small, balanced meal every 2-3 hours or having 3 regular meals and 2 healthy snacks throughout the day you’ll prevent your blood sugar from dipping too low and eliminate the need for the instant lift those treats provide.

Ditch sodas.

Sodas are full of artificial sweeteners that spike sugar cravings and do nothing nutritious for your body. Eliminate sodas and other sugary drinks from your diet to help quell these cravings. To transition from sodas to water try drinking naturally sweetened seltzer waters in place of your sodas. The carbonation in the seltzer will help replicate the feeling of drinking a soda without all of the extra calories or added sugars.

By starting out slowly and really paying attention to what you’re putting in your body, you can help kick any sugar addiction you have to the curb. Don’t expect it to happen overnight because it will take some time, but also don’t give up when it starts to get difficult. Soon enough, with a little dedication, you won’t be craving sugar at all.

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