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Beard Transplant is getting “Popular & Hip” in the UK – What’s the gain?

People suffering from baldness or patches of hair have a solution in hand. The solution doesn’t just reduce baldness and help you look young, it makes you look a whole lot trendier too. Admittedly, treatments like these doesn’t come cheap but then for those who have some amount of green paper to spend, this doesn’t […]

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Teeth Whitening Kits: Using Them Safely and Effectively

At-home teeth whitening kits have risen in popularity dramatically in recent years, owing to the fact that they allow people to brighten their smiles—making a dazzling first impression wherever it counts—without spending a fortune at the dentist’s office. While some people have voiced concern about the safety of these kits, current clinical studies have shown […]

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How to Warm Up

What are warm ups Warm ups are physical activities prior to exercise activities or athletic performances. Warm ups are important because they help prepare the body for exercise and physical performances. Unfortunately far too often are warm ups neglected which is a shame since there are many benefits to warming up. Warm ups benefit those […]

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