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5 Tips For Improving Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors for determining your overall health. During sleep your body repairs cells and other varying health functions. A lack of sleep has been linked to a myriad of health problems including a loss of diet and appetite, increased risks for varying diseases such as health disease, and premature […]

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Winter Cycling Tips

Cycling is great fun no matter the weather, but come winter, when it’s cold dark and rainy you need to be properly prepared to face the elements. Here is a list of tips and ideas to ensure you cycle safely. Cover your hands and feet! Frozen hands and feet are the last things you need […]

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Tips For Eating Before A Workout

The body needs to fuel up before doing any activity such as workouts. However, there are some people who don’t eat meals because they are not sure what to eat or they don’t have enough time in the morning. It is best to eat a healthy meal before working out to make sure you have […]

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How To Use A Waxing Kit In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Although waxing takes a little bit longer and is more effort than shaving, it is still an extremely popular choice of hair removal. Waxing your own legs, underarms, bikini line and anything else at home can be a lot more efficient in terms of time as well as saving yourself quite a bit of money. […]

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3 Powerful Tips For Turning Your Health Around

Many years ago, I was like most people. I was not a super-unhealthy person, but I was definitely not considered healthy. My diet certainly could have improved; regular exercise was definitely not on the docket. I just kind of plodded along. Then I started getting more interested in personal development and becoming a happier person, […]

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Top Tips On Fighting The Winter Flu

That season is upon us, you begin to notice fewer people wandering about the office, the bins are full of used tissues, the adverts for warm paracetamol-based drinks are on TV, and before you can say ‘influenza’, you’re sneezing and spluttering your way to the chemists. As humans we can travel in outer space, build […]

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Adjusting To Life Together: Three Tips For Newlyweds

One of the most drastic transitions couples make when they are first married is the sheer volume of time now spent with someone else. Many of the activities and times of the day that were formerly spent by yourself are now shared with another. Although this is predominantly a pleasant change, it can also be […]

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Tips for Staying Independent during Your Golden Years

Aging is a natural progression in life. You cannot avoid it, although you can take care of yourself and ensure that you are independent in your golden years. It is a myth that the elderly end up being dependent. Well, you cannot refute the fact that with age, people might suffer some illnesses, reduction in […]

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5 DIY Makeover Tips To Elevate Self-Esteem

Giving yourself a makeover is a great way to improve their self-esteem. However, many of the ideas that the word makeover brings to mind can be very cost prohibitive. Fortunately, there are several DIY techniques that you can easily utilize to change your appearance and give your self-esteem a much-needed boost. As an added bonus, […]

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How to Make the Most of Your New Hearing Aid

If you have only recently got your hands (or ears!) on a brand spanking new digital hearing aid, it is only normal to experience a few teething problems at the beginning. It is similar to when you first start wearing glasses or contacts – they’re going to take a little getting used to. To help […]

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