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5 Tips For Good Foot Care to Avoid Common Feet Problems

It is a pretty obvious fact that most of you would not take care of your feet so much as you do for your feet. Accept it, taking your feet for granted is easy. They endure the weight of the body and their movement is responsible for your movement. From being smothered inside tight heels […]

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Five points worth knowing about Interventional Cardiology

As the healthcare industry continues its digital transformation, it’s important to remember the breakthroughs that lead us to where we are today. Whether in medical technology or medicine itself, advances in how care is delivered to patients rest on the shoulders of medical pioneers. When Andreas Roland Grüntzig, a German radiologist and cardiologist, developed interventional […]

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Mixing Alcohol and Steroids – Can You Drink Alcohol on Steroid Injections or Tablets?

The majority of individuals who take anabolic steroids do so to enhance their physical aesthetics, stand out in competition or develop muscle specific bulk. However, non-professional athletes are less likely to consider how their social habits, such as drinking alcohol are going to interact with the steroids. Addiction to performance-enhancing drugs and alcohol present very […]

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A Healthy Potion of CBD Oil for our Gut

More than 34 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. These disorders include 40 chronic and acute conditions, citing Crohn’s and irritable bowel movement as the most mentioned by those who seek help from medical professionals. When not treated immediately, these disorders can cripple an individual. As a matter of fact, […]

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Looking After Your Body: The Benefits of Physiotherapy

People invest in a lot of things nowadays. Most of the things they people invest their time and money into our house and lots, car, insurance and businesses. However, there is one thing that all people must invest first — health. As the saying goes, “Health is wealth.” So no matter how many investments you […]

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How Often Should You Have An Eye Examination?

Guidelines from The College of Optometrists recommend that you should have an eye exam every two years. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition could affect your vision or currently wear glasses, your optometrist might recommend more frequent check-ups. Along with medical conditions and whether or not you currently wear glasses, age also plays […]

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How to Increase Height with Food and Exercises

A great height is reflective of an attractive personality. A person with a tall and lean figure scores extra brownie points marks wherever they go. Some individuals are lucky enough to have a good height, thanks to their genes. But for some others, they desperately want to be in the shoes of the others, who […]

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Plugged Ears – Causes and Cheap Treatments

More often than not, the ears become plugged when the eustachian tubes that connect the middle ear to the nose are blocked by excessive ear wax or various types of debris. Once this happens, you might feel a slight sensation of pressure and fullness in your ears, which could lead to dizziness and ear pain. […]

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What Is The Best Blepharitis Treatment For Sufferers?

You may not know this, but every single person in this world has some bacteria living on their skin. However, some people have more bacteria living under their eyelashes than most people, which may cause flakes that are dandruff-like to form there. There are also people who have difficulties with their oil glands on their […]

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7 Key Signs You May Need To See Your Eye Doctor​

The idea of visiting the eye doctor and the thought of anyone coming near to one’s eye makes some people feel nauseous. This is probably the reason why most people skip on regular eye-check ups, and others never proceed to eye doctors at all even if they are experiencing chronic eye problems. However, one should […]

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