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What Causes Tonsil Stones?

Even though they are pretty rare, tonsil stones are certainly an infection you definitely don’t want. They can cause numerous annoying symptoms and are a hassle to anyone unfortunate enough to get them. If you spent some time searching around google then you’ll easily find some methods to help prevent them. But I think you […]

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How Does My Food Intake Affect My Oral Health

Healthy teeth and gums depend on what and how often you eat. It is common knowledge that eating foods with high sugar and carbohydrate content can cause tooth decay and cavities. The moment you put food into your mouth, things start to happen. For example, when you put food rich in carbohydrates into your mouth, […]

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5 Ways Your Smile Can Change Your Life

Your smile is the first thing a person notices, according to statistics. Perhaps that’s why there’s an ever growing spend on improving the shape and colour of the smiles of the world. But there’s many deeper and more compelling reasons to invest in making your smile a great one. Boost Your Self-Esteem When you smile […]

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Floss, Foods, and Fluoride: Simple Steps for Keeping Your Mouth Strong and Healthy for Life

A healthy smile does a lot in making an impression and providing us with confidence. However, a great mouth does not come naturally. It takes work and care to ensure a healthy smile. Floss, foods, and fluorides are associated to the do’s and don’ts of dental care. Here’s how to make your mouth healthy for […]

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How to Care for Your Tongue Piercing

Whether you’ve just had your tongue pierced or you’re just flirting with the idea of getting it done, you need to understand the best way to care for the piercing. You may know some people will have bad experiences but don’t let horror stories worry you – everyone is different and thousands of people have […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Dental Implant Infections

Every year millions of dental implants (artificial dental roots) are inserted, only to later be replaced due to tissue infections. Arising from the accumulation of germs and bacteria around the implant, this can lead to inflammation and eventual jaw degeneration and bone atrophy. Luckily there are a number of methods you can try, that can […]

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Brush teeth after tooth extraction

How To Clean Your Teeth After A Tooth Extraction

When having a tooth extraction, the quality of aftercare is critical in order to limit risk of infection. You have to remember that once the tooth has been extracted, the gum is left sensitive with an open wound. In most cases, the recovery time after a tooth extraction is only a few days. Try and […]

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__I said I am not going to the dentist!!_

Braving the Dentist: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Dental Fears

  You have an upcoming appointment to your dentist. But days before the session you already feel nervous. Your hands start to sweat, you can’t sleep at night… you make a thousand excuses just so you can avoid meeting with your dentist –  wishing your tooth will magically heal itself. Dental anxiety is a common […]

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woman in dentist

Seven Unlikely Foods That Contribute to Yellow Teeth Over Time

While it is well-known that certain foods and beverages contribute to stained teeth over time, some items may be more damaging than others. This includes the following unlikely culprits, which can greatly diminish the look of your teeth at an increased pace.   Beets Beets are chock full of essential nutrients, and as a result […]

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Physical Activity for a Healthier Heart

Common oral hygiene questions answered

We all want that perfect smile, but unless you know the facts about oral hygiene, you’ll struggle to keep your gums healthy and your teeth gleaming. To give you a head start on this topic, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked dental questions.   What’s the best way to brush your […]

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