Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Aches and pains are a common occurrence as you grow older. The body’s tissues begin to deteriorate and the joints that allow you to bend and flex slowly grow stiff and eventually cause pain. Small amounts of irritating joint pain caused from regular movement is bearable and no cause for alarm, but larger aches and... Continue reading

The Effects and Benefits of Spices

One of the UK’s most popular and beloved Indian Restaurants Nawaab in Manchester has produced an infographic depicting the health benefits of spices and the effects of consuming them. The infographic details all of the different benefits that can be accrued from consuming various spices in Indian cuisine.

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Getting The Most Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

If you have been struggling with persistent high blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office, you may not be to blame. Just like an unflattering snapshot of you before coffee, blood pressure readings taken at the doctor’s office are not a good depiction of you. Visits to the doctor’s office are rarely relaxing. First, most... Continue reading

Europe’s Overeaters

Throughout Europe, more people are becoming overweight or obese. Partly to blame are diets high in calories and fat. So in which countries do people consume the most calories each day? Brought to you by – Compare life insurance quickly and easily.  

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Increasing Your Life Expectancy

If you get an adequate amount of sleep every night, then your chance of living a long life will be much greater. You should avoid highly-stimulating activities at least one hour before you go to bed if you have trouble falling asleep. You also need to make sure that you keep yourself emotionally healthy. You... Continue reading

Pole Dancing Fitness Trend

When you think of pole dancing, what images come to mind? Of course you think of strippers and exotic dancers, but if you’re truly in the know in regards to one of the hottest exercise trends to come along in a long while, you also think of a great way to get a workout. Pole... Continue reading

The Geek Exercise Program

Geeks often don’t get enough exercise or sunlight. Of course, that’s OK because they’re smarter than everyone else. Nonetheless, all those Funyuns and energy drinks can add on some pounds, and no one wants to be a fat geek. So dust off that Gamercize thats been sitting in your closet and keep yourself healthy so... Continue reading