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Improving Athletic Performance and Range of Mobility with Skilled Therapeutic Help

Athletes need to stay in good physical condition at all times. They cannot afford to be sidelined by aches, pains, stiffness, and injuries. When you have dedicated yourself to building a successful athletic career, you can stay limber and in good shape by taking advantage of services that facilities like physical therapy NYC Midtown and […]

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Labelling the Workplace – Avoiding Potential Hazards

Hazards in the workplace would be oblivious to us if we didn’t have the appropriate labelling in place. Anything that goes unlabelled could be mistaken for something different or viewed as having no potential threat to our health and safety. Labels play an essential role in the workplace. We can use them to learn and […]

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Astroturf Burn Treatment

Discover How To Treat Astroturf Burns

Astroturf has been used on sports playing surfaces for almost forty years now and admittedly the quality of materials produced nowadays is far better than the original version. However, if you happen to be playing any type of sport on Astroturf, especially the older varieties of turf, you may often accumulate burns from falling over […]

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Advice for keeping your joints in top condition when training for running

If you want to be a successful runner, you need to ensure that your body stays in good condition. The occasional injury or strain is inevitable, but if you respond appropriately, it doesn’t need to lead to long-term damage. You can reduce the risk of injury by being careful about the surfaces you run on […]

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Eye Protection in the Workplace

The Importance of Eye Protection in the Workplace

Eye injury is a common occurrence in many workplaces across the globe. It is estimated that at least one thousand workers sustain eye injuries in their workplaces across the nation daily. Due to the high occurrence of eyes related injuries in workplaces, medical and safety experts have advised that the best way to avert the […]

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manual lifting tips

6 Benefits of Employee Manual Handling Training

  Manual handling training unequivocally symbolises the statement ‘prevention is better than cure’. Manual handling training provides the workforce with the knowledge, training and experience of good safe practice within the workplace. To safely learn 6 benefits for your employees of manual handling training, please make sure you are sitting up straight, have a good […]

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The Most Common Workplace Injuries to Avoid

Accidents happen. Even so, it’s tough to imagine yourself or a loved one suffering a debilitating injury while at work. Many of us invest so much time there, it becomes something of a home away from home, whether we like it or not. However, workplaces, no matter how safe they feel, aren’t always danger-free zones. […]

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Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Back related problems are very common these days. In fact spinal related disorders seem to be increasing. The main reason behind this is that people have to sit for long hours in front of a computer or behind desks on a daily basis. This combined with a wrong body posture and lack of exercise take […]

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Caring for accident injuries

3 Common Accident Injuries- And How to Treat Them

Shoulder, head and whiplash injuries are three of the most common types of injury caused as a result of an accident. If you have been the unfortunate victim of any one of these injuries, you will know only too well the disruption and pain that they can cause. There are however a number of actions […]

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The Most Effective Home Treatments & Exercises for Knee Injuries

Professional athletes, as well as occasional joggers have something in common. They are more likely to injure the knee than non-athletes. The fact is that knee injuries are one of the most common sporting injuries in men and women. Typically, the injury occurs because the individual made an awkward move that twisted the knee, or […]

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