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Is Private Healthcare Worth The Cost?

Many in the US look longingly to countries like Canada, the UK and Australia where public healthcare is free without thinking about the downsides such a situation creates. While public healthcare is important to ensure all members of society can receive treatment for their ailments, such pressure creates systemic strain that means the overall quality of care is inevitably lower than it would be in a privately funded system. For this reason, many with the means to do so choose to opt for private care even when they are entitled to free healthcare in their country.

In countries like Australia were public healthcare is free; one cannot be faulted for asking why buying extra health insurance is necessary. In most cases it is not strictly necessary, but it is a luxury that is well worth paying for and in some cases could save your life. Here are just some of the reasons why buying health insurance could be the right move for you even if you are entitled to free healthcare, showing that for many private health insurance is well worth the cost.

Planning for the future

It may seem nonsensical to pay out money for extra health cover now while you are perfectly healthy, but unfortunately you may not always be that way. Illnesses and ailments can strike without a moments notice, and in a cruel twist of fate it is often the illnesses that come ‘out of the blue’ that progress fastest. Going private means your health can be consistently monitored and if anything does happen, you do not need to endure massive waiting lists for the scans and surgeries that stand between you and your survival.

Comfort matters

It may sound trivial, but when you are in hospital and undergoing stressful treatment, the last thing you want is to be on a public ward surrounded by others when all you want and need is time to rest and recuperate fully. Private healthcare often gives you more options when it comes to things like doctor consultations and hospital stays. Again, comfort matters: even something as simple as being able to choose your own doctor close to home can give you crucial peace of mind. If you are considering health insurance for your children, being able to give them the most comfortable and least scary environment possible is a must for any parent.

Health insurance is a small cost for a large gain

If you go for the right provider, the premiums for health insurance are a lot lower than you would think and are a small cost for a large gain. What private healthcare gives you is control: control over your treatment and control over your life.

Even for people with pre-existing health conditions, private health insurance isn’t out of grasp. Premiums are managed against risk, and this is managed in different ways. For example, in Australia people with pre-existing health conditions cannot receive treatment related to their health condition for the first 12 months of their switch to private healthcare. However after this trial period, the premiums are managed in such a way that you do not face a large difference in your premiums as compared to those who do not have a pre-existing condition.

Looking after yourself and looking after your family

Nothing is more important than your life and health, and by extension the life and health of your loved ones. There is no cost too great for making sure you and your family always has the best quality of care and maximizing your chances of overcoming illness. When stacked against those facts, if one can afford the expense then private healthcare and health insurance is always worth the cost.

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Guest contribution by Blake H. He’s a freelance writer, an occasional blogger and someone who prefers private health cover.

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