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How To Lose Weight With Low Carb High Fat Diet

A low carb diet has proven to be the most effective weight loss diet more than any other practice targeted at shedding excess weight, giving highly satisfactory results in record time.

Your body, however fat and huge it may seem, is capable of burning fat. Amazing, isn’t it? It all depends on the types of food you eat. You see, that famous phrase “you are what you eat” really sums up weight loss, if your body gets the right proportion of certain types of food, it will start burning fat rapidly on its own, even without any rigorous exercise.

We know carbohydrates are very appealing, difficult to resist and to some extent, good for the body, but to achieve a great body, you just have to cut down the intake and follow a low carb diet. There are different diets aimed at weight loss through reduction of carbohydrates, and while they vary in a few ways, the aim is the same— to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Though the low carb high fat diet gives the impression that all you have to do is to reduce carbohydrate foods, it involves doing some other things for it to work as desired. Remember your body is not used to this type of feeding.

3 Practical Steps to Lose Weight With Low Carb Diet

So, here are the things you must do to really use a low carb diet to manage your weight.

1. Eat your carbohydrates at the right time

When on a low carb diet, timing is important; the few amounts of carbohydrates you consume when you are on low carb should not be eaten at any time. You need to be smart about it, not only for losing weight, but also to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

The best times to eat your carbs is before and after you hit the gym; make sure you eat your carbohydrate foods around the time of your exercise routine. Shortly before or after the session is okay. If you can eat while you’re at it, that’s fine as well.

2. Focus on the main goal; do not get carried away by the early success

When you start this diet, the first few weeks will have your body shedding enough fat that will make you start flaunting your new hot body. But shortly after, while you are probably flooding social media with your “before-after” photos, the weight loss will stop.

This is not a time to give up and start claiming low carb does not work. It is a time to stay true to your diet and continue the way you started. If you want a permanent result, don’t get emotional about the initial stage; stay focus on your weight loss goal, and you will get your desired result.

3. Know how to control carbohydrates cravings

When you begin this diet plan, the cravings for carbohydrates will be so tough that you may get tempted to cheat, but remember why you started. Here are some tips to help you cope with the carb cravings.

  • Drink a cup of water first thing in the morning, and when the cravings come.
  • Eat avocado as a dessert.
  • Let your meals have sufficient protein.
  • You are on low carb, not a hunger strike. So don’t starve yourself, don’t be scared to eat your high fat, medium protein, and low carb foods.

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