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Making Your Indian Takeaway Healthier

With it being one of the most popular takeaways, resisting a tasty Indian curry on a Saturday night in can be very difficult. While you can’t think of anything other than the flavoursome meal, there is a voice in your head reminding you of your forthcoming holiday. This leaves you in a difficult position, the more you resist it the more your desire will grow however if you give in, will you feel guilty about it the next day?

Generally, takeaways are very unhealthy, no matter where you go. However, there are ways that you can make your Indian takeaway less calorific, offering you the best of both worlds. While it is important to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly, cutting down on the fat you consume in one meal is likely to contribute to your perfect beach body and cutting out all treats means you may be more likely to eat more when your diet is over.

Eating different food groups in the correct amounts will lead to a healthier life and is now being marketed as the best way to lose weight, over fad diets that cut out carbohydrates all together. A lot of people are subjected to yo-yo dieting, meaning you put weight on after your diet and then lose it again. This can cause adverse health effects and the best way to lose weight and stay healthy is eating in moderation, meaning it is okay to eat your Indian takeaway, if you make the right choices.

A lot of Indian takeaways are high in calories due to the ghee and cream that is added to the gravies. However, there will be options at your local Indian restaurant for meals that are less calorific, including chicken tikka. White meat is argued to be the best meat to eat and chicken seems to be the most popular. It is high in protein and low in fat and although it may seem plain, there are definitely ways to make it tasty and flavoursome. If chicken isn’t a desirable option, you could always choose vegetables or seafood, which offer additional nutrients.

Choosing chicken tikka with a simple vegetable sauce, such as biryani, will contain fewer calories, as the sauce isn’t thick and creamy. If possible, you could get a side dish of vegetables, which can contribute to your five a day and will keep you from feeling guilty. Instead of choosing pilau rice, opt for either boiled or wholegrain rice. Wholegrain rice is preferable, as it takes longer to digest and therefore keeps you fuller for longer. However, if this isn’t possible opt for boiled rice as it contains less fat than pilau rice.

Red meat, such as lamb and beef may not be a healthy idea and although it is fine to eat them in moderation, they have been thought to lead to adverse health effects if they are eaten to regularly. Red meat has been associated with high cholesterol and heart disease. This means over consumption may do more harm than good and could even halt or slow down your weight loss.

Try to avoid anything that has been deep-fried or contains a lot of oil. For example, circumvent poppadum’s and starters such as onion bhajis. This will significantly reduce the amount of fat in your meal and consequently reducing the amount of calories you consume. It is likely that there will be healthier alternatives to poppadum’s, including chapatti and naan bread, with less garlic butter.

If you find vegetable sauces bland, you could always choose a curry with a tomato based sauce as it is unlikely that this will contain large amounts of cream that increase the calorie content of your meal. Madras sauce is a tomato-based dish and doesn’t contain a lot of oil and while it is spicy, it offers a flavoursome taste. It will also be a good thing to try new meals that you wouldn’t have done otherwise and extend your taste palette.

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