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When to Make a Claim Against Clinical Negligence

In the UK, two and a half million people suffer injuries from an accident which could or should have been avoided. Of these two and a half million, only a third claim compensation, the large remainder continue to struggle on living with their injuries, and the consequences, without receiving any support. For a large proportion […]

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Women’s Health: A Hidden Epidemic of Medical Negligence

Women’s health is important to maintain for the overall wellbeing of our society, but medical negligence is fast becoming a hidden epidemic that causes grief and distressing injuries for many people. Women, in particular, are excessively affected, with the value of obstetric and gynaecological medical negligence claims making up over a third of the medical […]

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Looking for Signs of Medical Negligence

If you have an elderly friend or relative that relies heavily on the care of others for their health and wellbeing, it can be worrying if you start to see signs of negligence. It is particularly painful for relatives as we place the carer in a position of trust with our loved ones, a position […]

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