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Why Invest in Your Smile With Dental Implants?

Aesthetically, most people believe that a complete set of front teeth is essential, and the existence of gaps can threaten self-esteem. Dentistry has progressed a lot in recent years, and there is now no reason for people to put up with tooth loss for any length of time. One of the most effective ways of […]

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What is The Liquid, Preoperative Bariatric Diet – All You Should Know

Why Follow a Preoperative Bariatric Diet? A preoperative bariatric diet is a nutritional regimen one adheres to in preparation for a bariatric surgery such as a gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, duodenal switch surgery, or lap band surgery.  Lap band patients may begin their preoperative bariatric diet 1 to 2 weeks before surgery. Gastric […]

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Factors that Promote Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair is associated with beauty and youth. However, excessive hair loss and baldness may have a demoralizing effect on any individual. Especially for men, who due to male-pattern baldness are more likely to be a victim of drastic hair loss. Even women suffer from hair thinning which is quite depressing and cause loss of self-confidence. […]

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Suffering from Hair Loss or Propecia? How to Look After and Maintain Healthy Hair

Whether you’re constantly trying to find ways to hide your bald spot or you’ve just discovered a thinning hairline, there are a number of ways you can keep your hair. However, with so many different products, treatments and natural remedies available, it can be difficult to know which ones you can rely on or not. […]

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Rhinoplasty: Curing a Deviated Septum

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure intended to improve the appearance of the nose while septoplasty involves correcting a deviated septum. Recent studies have shown that a large number of people who require rhinoplastic reconstructions are likely to have a deviated septum and therefore will undergo both procedures also to align the underlying septum. This discovery […]

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Limb Lengthening Surgery: A Look at What’s Involved

Many of you have probably never heard of limb lengthening surgery before.  But for those with leg and arm length issues, it is a real game changer.  If you or a loved one is faced with length issues, you have come to the right place.  Today, we are going to learn more about this surgery and […]

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Non-Invasive Back Surgery for Herniated Discs

  To treat herniated discs, doctors usually recommend a combination of medications and therapy. In cases when traditional treatments don’t work, the problem can be dealt with surgery. The surgical procedures can be invasive and noninvasive, and throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the latter.   Microdiscectomy (microdecompression) Microdiscectomy is a non-invasive spine surgery […]

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Comparing Hair Transplant Techniques – Efficiency, Cost and Other Factors

Hair loss can have serious impact on the psychological and emotional well-being of an individual. Hair loss sufferers usually feel self-conscious about their looks, which further lowers their confidence in how they interact. Thankfully, undergoing hair transplant treatment and procedure can help in hair regrowth.   Today, hair transplant surgeons make use of different techniques […]

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Can You Fall Pregnant after Bariatric Surgery?

  Women who are overweight or obese often struggle to fall pregnant. This is because their excess fat affects the metabolic system, making conception difficult or, sometimes, impossible. There have now been significant studies to demonstrate that women who lose weight following a lap band or gastric bypass, have a greater chance of falling pregnant […]

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What is Private Health Insurance and do you need it?

In the United Kingdom there is a universal healthcare system, the NHS, that provides all citizens with free healthcare at the point of use. This healthcare system has been the bedrock of the British society since 1948 and has been an ever-present in election campaigns since. The ideals of the NHS to provide free healthcare, […]

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