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The Pros And Cons Of Breast Implants

Just like women have different bodies, breasts are also different, even when they are of the same woman. Therefore, breast augmentation is an art and a science, at the same time. It starts with determining what is right for you, from type and size of implant to its positioning within the body.

If you are wondering how big you should go, remember that this procedure does not have a single size for all women. The size is determined by your body. Therefore, consider your existing body proportions, talk to your doctor about your desired outcome and consider what his/her feedback is before deciding on the implant size.

When it comes to choosing the type of breast implants to go for, you can choose either silicone or saline. Most people prefer silicone gel since it feels and moves so much like the natural breast tissue but the choice here is entirely up to you. The best way to get the most excellent fit for you is holding samples of each type during your consultation with your surgeon.

Can Breast Implants Pose Health Threats?

Breast augmentation using implants is a secure and widely performed surgery, with more than 300,000 procedures performed last year. This is according to 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report. However, all surgical procedures carry some danger.

Capsular contracture is the most frequent side effect that is associated with breast augmentation using implants. This condition refers to the development of a firm, inner scar tissue that forms around the implant, which might cause physical distortion and hardening of the breast. Surgeons have not yet been able to identify the causes of this condition and it needs surgery to replace the implant that is affected.

Alternatives to Implants

Implants remain the most well-liked technique for breast augmentation but you might wish to go for fat transfer. The fat transfer breast augmentation refers to a surgical procedure in which the patient has fat removed from their own body through liposuction from the body donor area (normally the inner thighs and abdomen), purified and later injected into their breasts.

The advantage of fat transfer is that it gets rid of the several risks posed by breast implants, which include capsular contracture. Nonetheless, it cannot offer the same variety of sizes and the results are frequently far more subtle compared to those afforded by the breast implants.

If you are interested in both breast augmentation and liposuction, then fat transfer may be a very cost effective means of achieving both. All you need is to talk to your doctor about the likelihood of a combination surgery.

What If You Change Your Mind?

Breast implants should be taken as a long-term investment but it is understood that women’s bodies and minds change with time. Even if you undergo breast augmentation, there are surgical options, like breast revision and breast implant removal, to address your wants over time.

Finally, it should be noted that breast augmentation should only be performed for you. Do not do it to please people. Your happiness and health are paramount. For that reason, you should consult your surgeon on what works best for you.

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