How Air Pollution Affects Your Health

Thanks to environmental regulation and standards in this country, we are not facing the level of pollution crisis that cities such as Beijing and Mexico City experience on a regular basis. Nor are we likely to have an entire city shut down because of air pollution like Harbin in China. However, we are still subject... Continue reading

Has The World Gone Health And Safety Mad?

Today many people ask themselves, including myself ‘has the world gone mad’ when it comes to health and safety and the number of people complaining about issues that in the grand scheme of things are really not issues and certainly weren’t when I was younger. Most people just got on with it, but today’s society... Continue reading

5 Reasons Gun Control Is A Public Health Issue

It seems that over the last decade there has been a rise in mass shootings that capture the headlines, and included in this rise has been calls for more control of the tools that were misused to commit these crimes, firearms. Because firearms, like many other tools, have the potential for lethality , many pundits... Continue reading

Home Fire-Safety Checklist

There are thousands of house fires every year in Great Britain, and the simple fact is that many of these can be prevented with proper home fire safety protocol and basic equipment. Take smoke alarms for example. According to the UK government, smoke alarms were not present in the homes of 37% of the some... Continue reading