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What To Look For In a Doctor

Finding the perfect doctor is something that you should always strive to do.  Since your doctor is the person whose hands hold the key to your well-being it’s important to choose one that is the perfect fit for your and your lifestyle. If you don’t trust and like your doctor then you are setting yourself […]

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Mobile phones – health hazard or harmless?

According to recent figures, there are now more than 42 million smartphone users in the UK, with over 93% of adults owning or using a mobile phone. 61% of British adults have a smartphone. By 2020, more than 5.4 billion people worldwide will have a mobile phone. It’s safe to say that mobile phone technology […]

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Seven Epic Health and Safety Fails

Health and safety doesn’t have the best reputation. It is generally associated with a tedious lecture you’re forced to endure whenever you start a new job. Rules and regulations differ from company to company so while it might seem like a waste of time, health and safety could ultimately keep you from harm. To illustrate […]

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Toilet Etiquette – What not to do when you’re in the loo

Far from being ‘restrooms’, shared toilets, whether in a public space, in a restaurant or a workplace environment, can be treacherous places. Sure, we all need to go and answer nature’s call, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had the same idea of what’s just plain good behaviour when it comes to communal lavatorial […]

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Health System Secrets

4 Shocking Facts about the Health System every Patient Should Know

Being booked into a hospital for treatment or tests is often an unpleasant experience despite the usually excellent efforts of the staff responsible for your care. What most people might not realize, however, is the risk which they are taking when booking into hospital, a risk which is exacerbated by the systems and procedures in […]

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Eye Protection in the Workplace

When Health and Safety Goes Wrong

Many workers and indeed many members of the public at large have a deep mistrust of what has become widely (and not affectionately) known as “elf n’ safety”.  The common perception seems to be that Health and Safety issues are an excuse for officials with clipboards to run around calling time on legitimate activities in […]

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Driving causes stress

Is Bad Driving Affecting our Health?

If the daily grind didn’t hold enough stresses and strains on our physical and mental health already, it has been reported this year that driving a car is yet another avenue for stress to enter our lives! Getting behind the wheel of a car is now a more stressful way to travel than using public […]

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Love Bites and Five Other Surprising Teen Trends

Teenagers can be so creative, always thinking up new ideas and pushing the boundaries. While some of these ideas can be interesting or even exceptional, you’ll find others to be extremely dangerous and can sometimes put their lives at risk. Parents can ensure the safety of their teens by and keeping current with the latest […]

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The Importance Of Fire Warden Training For Ordinary People

Over the past few years the number of businesses in Europe, Australia and America investing in employee fire warden training has more than doubled. Around 40% of all businesses never totally recover from the damage done by a fire. So, employees can save lives and property and this is keeping in mind the fact that […]

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How Air Pollution Affects Your Health

Thanks to environmental regulation and standards in this country, we are not facing the level of pollution crisis that cities such as Beijing and Mexico City experience on a regular basis. Nor are we likely to have an entire city shut down because of air pollution like Harbin in China. However, we are still subject […]

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