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The Geek Exercise Program

Geeks often don’t get enough exercise or sunlight. Of course, that’s OK because they’re smarter than everyone else. Nonetheless, all those Funyuns and energy drinks can add on some pounds, and no one wants to be a fat geek. So dust off that Gamercize thats been sitting in your closet and keep yourself healthy so you keep playing World of Warcraft well into your 90s.

First, you’re going to need some trendy devices to track your progress. The iHealth blood pressure monitor accessory attaches right to your iPhone 5. You can also use the Bluetooth heart-rate monitor as play that copy of Just Dance 4 you don’t want your friends to know about.

If you’re feeling adventurous enough to go outside, just put on your Google glasses, which turns your entire field of vision into a computer monitor. It’s kind of like playing Metroid in real life. You did order your beta pair at last year’s Google I/O, right?

Exercise Program - Guide to Fitness

Source: Geek’s Guide to Fitness

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