MASSAGE THERAPY: The Real Benefits

The experience of getting a massage cannot be fully described using words. The closest we can come to explaining it is the feeling of total relaxation one gets after finishing a run and taking a hot or cold shower immediately. A good massage has been proved to lower blood pressure and increase mental alertness. Before... Continue reading

Top Spa Treatments at the Casino

  • ...23 May 2014

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Everyone who’s ever visited a casino before is well aware of the fact that it’s not just about the gambling… Sure there’s a special kind of magic to the feeling of rolling a seven at the craps table, hearing the ball rattle around in a spin of fate on the roulette wheel and seeing all the bright,... Continue reading

Spa Day Savings

  • ...18 March 2014

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A day at the spa is exactly what you need, but don’t get stressed out over the expense. With a few basic guidelines, you can save big on your spa day, and also have an amazing spa treatment.  If you are looking for a deep-tissue massage, a fruit infused facial, or just a simple manicure... Continue reading


  • ...18 March 2014

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Looking to give your body some good old pampering? Well, you’re in luck. Here are some of the world’s best spas and health retreats. Some say the Les Sources de Caudalie; a beautiful Spa tucked away among the blooming vineyards near charming Bordeaux is exactly what your body deserves. Lay your tired, sore or perhaps... Continue reading

Hot Trends in Med Spa Treatments

  • ...12 December 2013

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The new year is filled with great incentives for popular med spa treatments in the San Jose and Silicon Valley region.  From great skin rejuvenation techniques to L.E.D. light therapy, med spa treatments can help you transform the way you look and feel.  If you live in or near the San Jose and Silicon Valley... Continue reading

Essential Spa Treatments

  • ...5 November 2013

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A spa is a mineral water based treatment with curative power. The practice began in Greece as bathing regimens. The earliest baths date as far back as the 2nd millennium BC and were used for purifying and healing. Spartans created vapor baths by cutting into hillsides with hot springs. Modern spa treatments also known as... Continue reading

Importance of Stress busting and relaxing

  • ...30 August 2013

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Owning to the busy lifestyle, people hardly have time to eat and sleep let alone pamper themselves. Work pressure, pollution and unhealthy meal hours are making us get through life like zombies. More than 95% of the adult population constantly dream of a place to relax and unwind. Salons and Spas are the best and... Continue reading

Effective Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Hair loss products are big business — 3.5 billion dollar’s worth in the United States alone. Unfortunately, many of these products are ineffective treatments or outright scams. For this reason, the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) recommends avoiding products that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This does not mean that... Continue reading

Available Options For Varicose Veins Treatment

As soon as you start to notice the appearance of varicose veins on portions of your legs and feet, you just can’t help but wish that you could somehow magically make them fade away. Unfortunately, magic apparently does not work for everyone and is not one of the treatment options available for varicose veins. So... Continue reading

Which Spider Vein Treatment Is For You?

You may only be in your mid or late twenties, but your legs don’t seem to show that. Tiny but remarkable lines of green and blue sprawl their way across your otherwise flawless legs, making them look like they are in their sixties already. Spider veins are not uncommon even among women who are still... Continue reading

An Overview Of Sleep Apnea And CPAP Treatment

Almost everyone snores, but excessive snoring may be a sign of a potentially serious medical condition called sleep apnea. This disorder interferes with your ability to breathe while you sleep. Sleep apnea can cause several serious side effects, but you can reduce the impact of sleep apnea with proper treatment. What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep... Continue reading

Natural Acne Treatments: Safer. Cheaper

Apart from being annoying and embarrassing, unsightly acne can be a frequent anxiety cause. While you may feel that there’s nothing much you can do to prevent breakouts, the truth is, there is. Don’t even start thinking that it’s about consulting a skin doctor. Not even close. Natural remedies are much more effective and a... Continue reading

Choosing The Right Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Like all addictions, all individuals are going to opt for a different alcohol addiction treatment method when dealing with alcohol addiction. Due to the fact that all individuals function differently, require different assistance, and will learn in a different manner, for some, an outpatient facility is enough (such as AA), for others, they are going... Continue reading

When To Get A Second Opinion From A Doctor

Something isn’t right. You don’t feel like yourself, so you take the time to visit your doctor to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it. After examining you and possibly running some tests, your doctor finally diagnosed you. So how do you know if what they’re saying is right or if you should see... Continue reading

Cosmetic Treatments for Blackheads

While over-the-counter treatments and home remedies can be effective for mild blackhead cases, stubborn, recurrent breakouts may require clinical intervention. Don’t be intimidated or discouraged. Fortunately, several cosmetic techniques are used by skin care professionals for blackhead removal. Choose the procedure you are most comfortable with and the one which offers ...

Continue reading

What is rosacea and can it be treated?

Rosacea is a condition most which affects the skin; symptoms of the condition are most common on the face and neck. How can you spot rosacea? In the early stages of rosacea sufferers tend to notice a tendency to blush more easily, can suffer a burning sensation and persistent redness. The redness that people sufferers... Continue reading

Get Clear Skin with Acne Treatments

Millions of people all over the world are struggling with acne regardless of gender and age. Acne is a skin condition that can appear on any part of the body but most commonly on the face, back, chest and shoulders. An outbreak can occur due to fluctuating hormones, an unhealthy diet, vitamin deficiency and stress.... Continue reading