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3 Ways To Fit Into Your Wedding Dress Fast

Your wedding day is an event that will be a memorable day forever not only for you but for everyone that attends. There are dozens to hundreds of people with all eyes on you, and photos that will serve as memories for years to come. These photos will be passed on through the years from your children to your children's children.

It goes without saying that most women want to feel their best on their big day. Perhaps you have a few pounds to lose and want to look great in your dress but you are running out of time. Instead of starving yourself, consider these remedies for dropping a few pounds the healthy way which yields fast and effective results.

At Home Treatment

There are a variety of at-home treatments which are on the market which promises quick weight loss. From supplements to drinking a daily tea. Many of these have mixed reviews, although there appears to be significant evidence that they are effective.

Other at-home treatments which are frequently seen are fat freezing kits. These kits can be used in the privacy of your own home without having to go to a plastic surgeon’s office for an expensive procedure. These treatments target belly fat which is stubborn to disappear through exercise and diet.

Before you engage in any sort of a take home treatment clients are advised to consult with their doctors to receive clearance.

Juice Cleanse

The popularity of juice cleanses as a weight loss regime has spiked in popularity over the last 10 years. Many people use juice cleansing as a form to lose large amounts of weight by drinking juice only for extended amounts of time. Not only is the body relieved of excess fat, but cholesterol levels drop, and other symptoms of obesity-related diseases diminish.

Juice for weight loss

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As a short-term solution for a few pounds loss, there are a variety of mini-cleanses available. People seeking to try a juice cleanse can do a DIY version with the use of a juicer or can purchase through a service which provides all of the nutrients needed for the duration of the cleanse. Prices vary, although if you already own a juicer, it’s definitely the most cost effective to do it yourself.

Results are quick and people can lose up to 10 pounds in 3-4 days. While most of it is water weight, it’s still a significant amount to fit clothing differently.

Intensive Workout Program

There are many at home workout programs offered through pamphlets or dvds. On average the workouts promise dramatic weight loss in the span of a month.

Try looking through the different reviews of each take-home program and decide which one works best for your living space and athletic level. If doing it at home isn’t an option, considering enrolling in a workout program offered at a studio or gym.

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