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Can A Weight Loss Retreat Inspire You?

Can a weight loss retreat inspire you? Seriously, the common myth surrounding weight loss camps are not that positive, and give the impression that you live in a specially crafted world which could never be duplicated in real life. But, is this true? Here is a look at some of the truths and myths of losing weight.

Weight Loss Retreats Are Short Term

One of the most prevalent myths concerning camps for losing weight is that it is only a short term fix. Whether the retreat lasts for 3 days or 3 months, conventional wisdom holds that once you go back to your regular life, you start to gain weight back.
However, the opposite is actually true. Not only do you lose weight at one of the retreats, you actually begin to feel better. And, feeling better is a powerful motivator. The energy you develop with the loss of a few pounds will turn your life around, and you’ll take that enthusiasm into your regular workday life.
Most retreats have expert medical care on hand to help you get into an exercise regimen. So many people don’t exercise because of a bad knee, heel spurs, or a sore hip. At a retreat, you’ll receive personal attention to help you develop an exercise plan that is anything but short term. You’ll feel so much better that you’ll look forward to exercising when you get home.

You Are Put On A Diet

Most people say that when you go to “fat camp”, you eat nothing but lettuce and do endless chin-ups. That’s such a mean attitude! The food at weight loss retreats is far more like gourmet cooking than most 5 star restaurants. For a period of time, you get to find out what it feels like to actually eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and you’ll be amazed at how inspired you feel! Most camps even have cooking classes, where you get to experiment with new recipes and new ingredients. You leave camp with new skills, and a renewed outlook on life and your ability to cope with it. Forget diets – this is a new way to look at food, and a new way to guide your appetites into a healthier expression.

The Workouts are Brutal

Movies and TV shows – especially Biggest Loser – make people think that exercise at a weight loss retreat is brutal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Exercise is crafted to fit your specific needs, and as you get through the initial soreness, you’ll find that the regimen is something that you can actually maintain throughout your life.
At weight loss retreats, you are taught the skill of independence. You’ll learn to develop healthy appetites, expect a little exercise in your day, and focus on the joys of life other than food. With a good camp to look forward to once a year, you have even more motivation to take care of yourself and live a more enjoyable life. You’ll be truly inspired.

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Laura Green is becoming a bit of a fitness freak, she loves to give advice about losing those pounds and eating healthily, she knows what she is talking about from her experience from working at a weight loss retreat.

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