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Is Weight Loss Surgery Abroad Safe?

The World Health Organization’s recent research study has estimated that at least 1.6 billion people across the globe are overweight or obese. The study also shows severe negative effects of being overweight. In many cases, obesity is linked with dangerous diseases that result in fatality/death.

We don’t have to look at the stats to see this as a growing problem. We need to just look at our own bodies and lifestyle struggles to realize how much it is affecting our daily lives and wellbeing.

Obesity is a serious threat to our wellbeing and longevity. The greater the amount of fat you carry with you, the greater the risks of diseases associated with the heart, liver, kidneys, and more.

Surely most of us have tried losing weight at some point in our lives, but the truth is that millions of people around the world never really actually manage to put off weight in the long term. It is the sad truth we have to live with.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery Infographic
Source: Infographic: Types of Weight Loss Surgery

This is where weight loss surgery comes in. For anyone who is considered obese, men or women, surgery is an excellent way to reduce weight and keep it off. Weight loss surgery is more than just getting rid of weight quickly, it also helps improve food absorption, food intake, and changes in lifestyle so that weight can be controlled in the long term.

Losing weight through surgery is an effective way to stay healthy for the rest of your life, but it is also a matter of time and money. A typical weight loss surgery in the US can cost, on average, between $25,000 and $35,000. People who plan to go through such procedures nearly always have trouble finding ways to cover the cost.

This is where traveling for weight loss surgery abroad comes in. In many countries outside the United States, the costs associated with such surgeries are nearly half the amount of that in the US. But is weight loss surgery abroad safe?

Traveling to countries like Mexico, Thailand, India and a few other countries which are often portrayed negatively, can raise doubts in the minds of those who want to travel for surgery. Surprisingly enough, many of these countries have the same medical standards and regulations in place that are common in the US and UK.

For example, Mexico’s governmental health body has placed strict regulations on medical clinics and hospital dealing in weight loss surgery. Every medical institution is required to have state of the art medical facility along with top-notch equipment, tools, and doctors from well-educated backgrounds.

It may seem impossible that you are getting such services outside of America for such low prices, but believe it or not, people are going there and are coming back safely with 100% desired results.

It is about time we throw away over fears of traveling abroad for a surgery and aim to improve our lives instead. A little research into the hospital or clinic you are going will help you realize that weight loss surgery abroad is just as safe as it is at home. The only difference is you pay twice as low the cost at home.

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